When the Distance meets Guild Wars

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Hi! I'm not sure this has been mentioned before so here goes... Lately, I have been playing both modes (Distance and GW) and an idea came just yesterday.

Can NG create a new mode which combines the Distance and the map of GW (the tree diagram) for guild members to complete?

The current Distance is a solo linear mode for individual players to fight through all the missions to reach the end.
The current GW allows guild members to choose their missions and 'fight' other guild members to earn points for self and guild.

1. What's the difference? The proposed mode...
- is for members within a guild only (but must be at least a minimum Council Level e.g. L12)
- is a PvE and not PvP
- is a hybrid of the Distance but instead of linear missions, it's a tree diagram missions just like GW (the map in this new mode has slightly fewer missions that GW)

2. What are the rules/conditions of the mode?
- To win each mission prize, the guild member must complete and win the mission. Whoever comes first and wins, gets the prize (which is a small amount)
- To win the grand prize (can be large amount of trade goods, gold, phone or equipment), the guild must complete and win all missions in the tree diagram within a week. Everyone in the guild (who won at least once) will get the grand prize each.

3. Questions?
(i) A top level player can start early and clean up every mission, leaving nothing behind for others. How?
The missions in the tree diagram are level-specific. E.g. The program will take note of the highest guild member level, add 10 levels to it and distribute across the missions in the tree diagram. Lowest level is 12.

Guild members must be within the level-specific mission in order to attempt the mission. E.g. a mission is shown L12-17 but a guild member is L27. He cannot attempt that mission. Only lower level members can do so.

(ii) A player can continue to try and try to win that tough mission. Surely he will get it eventually?
To prevent one member from continuously attempt a tough mission or sweeping all the level-specific missions, each member is given a limited amount of attacks (but definitely more than 18 in GW). Also, each mission consumes gas/fuel.

4. What's the rationale behind this proposal?
- Increase the participation and communication among members of a guild. Many guilds have non-active players and active players who are not communicating at all
- Improve teamwork and strategy among members of guild. Strategize and distribute who takes on which missions if you are the leader.
- Easy to know which member is uncooperative or selfish and deserves the boot. If your leader is such person, then it's time to jump ship.
- Highlights the importance of both discussion and teamwork in order to achieve the ultimate grand prize.
- Another way to allow members to interact and help their guild besides Challenge and GW

5. Is it easy to program and implement?
Well, NG has the existing templates for Distance and GW. With some tweaking, I'm sure it can be done if they want to. I hope they will consider it. If they pick this up, I will suggest to call it the Gathering.

Sorry for the long message. Although I'm still a low level, I believe this game can be further improved and I hope you guys don't mind me contributing more ideas. I know some of you may not like it. So, please feel free to comment. Thank you.


  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 748
    This is absolutely brilliant. I want this. I want to play gw maps when i don't have a gw day. I want a guild goal. There are so many ways this could be a fun and nonstressful way to tap away time. Build this whole thing off of player input.

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