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This is something I posted inside another thread. Recently, I was doing a hard level mission, episode 11/3 "Free Them" that was level 17 with my level 14 epic survivors. I was struggling and decided to pop the last two tank traps at once to get the survivor out to help me and eager to get a high level guy added to my crew (maybe not the best idea). Much to my consternation, the survivor was level 10 of 14 (2 star). He promptly got killed, and I failed the mission.

What is the point of dropping these survivors to us if they are so much worse than the ones we have and will only be scrapped when we finish the mission? Is it random? Having a level 10(2 star) drop on a hard level 17 mission seems absurd.


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    I think the purpose of some rescue missions is to complete the mission to unlock a new class. Even though the rescued survivor might be a lower level, it might be a new class. You don't have to keep them, but the class is still unlocked.

    I kept some of the rescued, but retired them as soon as I got someone better.
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    @Camel56 he is talking about episode 11.. i already have all the survivor classes at episode 9, i think.. no new survivor class after that..

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    Yes, the point is that the rescued survivor unlocks their class, which is then available to you through radio phone calls.

    Thank you for the feedback on the leveling/balancing, looking into it.
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    @OldGoth So for episode 12.3, why are we rescuing a scout? Before the change to the rescue missions, the scout was lvl 14 and could kill a few walkers to assist. Now that scout is a lvl 9 and is no help whatsoever, but we can still only bring two on the mission. It's kinda shitty.
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    @oldgoth & @Camel56 This is hard difficulty level already. I have unlocked all classes already and did this mission before normal level and got a level 13 warrior drop I think (who helped me complete the mission). I have completed all missions through episode 13 on normal difficulty level and am now working my way through the hard and nightmare missions. Now I am doing 11/3 as a level 17 mission on hard difficulty with better survivors going in and the drop is someone who is not even close to being useful in the mission or as a survivor to keep. It makes no sense. On both the hard and nightmare missions, when you get no rewards on a mission except for the survivor, shouldn't it be someone good?

    @TheMurphy I think this mission requires two survivors with melee weapons only since the shooters draw too many high level walkers to join the 3 tanks. I almost have the proper level 15 level survivors now and will take another crack at it in a couple of days. If it is a pure rescue of a weakling, then it is kind of a bummer since we get no crates as rewards at the end. No?
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