Established guild Coffee Saints is now recruiting. Time to go to war!

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Hello heroes and survivors!

Coffee Saints guild is looking for FRIENDLY, BRAVE and ACTIVE people, to join us.

Our guild was founded in 2015. Many of us died, many survived. We are still here, and fighting with walkers! ;)

What TRAITS do we expect?
- strong,
- ready for action,
- punish,
- survival instinct,
- lucky.

What BADGES* do we expect?
- 2 x active,
- 2 x friendly,
- 2 x brave.

* Badges do not have to be in the same shape ;-)

We DELIVER weapons and armor!

How to JOIN?
- contact me here: @z3tka
- msg me via LINE app: cf_z3tka
- or just join us in the game.

Good Night and Good Luck! B)

Coffee Saints
:: Contact: LineID cf_z3tka
:: Guild videos on Youtube:
:: Are you looking for an active guild? We are recruting, join us - CLICK HERE
:: Challenge min 600, +1000 would be amazing. Our best members do +1800.
:: Guild Wars participation - YES.


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