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Hi guys,

Recently, we've received a lot of feedback on the Guild Wars mode regarding frustrations with pacing and intensity. For many highly engaged guilds, GW means a whole lot of planning, coordinating with members, and pushing for the highest scores; combined with the current format of back to back wars for 4 weeks, the mode can be very taxing.

As mentioned in the petition thread, we're open to exploring different scheduling options for the Guild Wars mode. Below is a poll on some of the options that we'd like to propose, along with an option to suggest your own ideas. We cannot guarantee that a decision will be made solely on the results of this poll, because we also have to evaluate the impact of these changes on the player base as a whole, but they will definitely help us arrange a system that addresses your concerns and better aligns with your preferences.

The first thing to keep in mind: the options below are implementable already in the near future, whereas more complicated solutions that require significant changes are unlikely to make it by the next update, and would have to wait at least until after the summer. Secondly, the poll options don't specify the breaks between seasons because that may be variable to better suit our development cycles.

Please encourage your guild members to vote in the poll!

Poll - Guild Wars schedule discussion 341 votes

Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
jester8900rpmglenliveskmreuchidKyruskiwinz7ricktadaBeaumainsATLAS-ZMisakaSCBMAandy75Waltz46n2SavannahGuy81romeorebecca38341884KarajocaWaspTWDaddiction 85 votes
Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
TransmuteJunjavajnkieSteeboonLoewe1968linfranzcapibaraBuckzzkuziLokianantmar1000imini5GothgulReeconnAndreaTheCrabJayZMarcus6253butchergurl1962Picjimmydawise 204 votes
Keep the current format but increase the number of shortcuts to make coordination easier
zbotzeeblackhuskersoxfanmasmith93ZetteHerbergeFOEMaD VapoRWattlaueferfr4nklyDoomsdayInfinite_M0nkeyDrunkenKriegVerdao1914chel_sdsRML_MCFCGrendelDiego_NMLSuperhero 31 votes
Other, please elaborate in the thread!
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  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 870
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I think a break every other week is too much time between battles, and we will get less rewards because there will be fewer seasons. Maybe if the amount of attacks were increased to about 25 I would support it, but some people probably don't want more attacks per day either.

    I think a mid-season break gives us time to relax a bit, and a chance to collect some extra tools from daily quests. Also I want to see a @Fluxxx halftime show.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 870
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Here is another idea, but I think it might require an update. Make each war 2 weeks longs, but we can join up to 3 battles, and increase attacks to 20. This will give us a total of 3 battles and 60 attacks per 2 weeks, instead of 4 battles and 76 attacks. Seems more manageable to me without an excessive wait time.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 870
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    > @3vilrine said:
    > Although I voted mid season break I'd like to see a longer break after the complete season ends of like 2-3 weeks between seasons.

    I like this suggestion. Also, it would be ideal to start any Seasonal Campaigns during the 2 week break between GW seasons. This way we only have to reset the Distance once during GW.
  • MrChrisMrChris Member Posts: 181
    Other, please elaborate in the thread!
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    increase the number of shortcuts to make coordination easier

    ... what about expanding battle time from 22 hours to 46 hours? Maybe that's a solution?
    One war = two battles during two weeks, but one battle would be ~two days long
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  • SetroSetro Member Posts: 48
    Other, please elaborate in the thread!
    I voted for other.
    My idea is one week of GW and three weeks off, to keep GW as something special. As well as doing GW 2 weeks a month is too time consuming.

    I also agree to JayZ: healing should be at least 50% less and the higher missions should be awarded with higher or more points.

    Thank you guys for giving us a chance to share our ideas
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 734
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I love that ng is actually asking for feedback about this. It makes me want to stick with this game long term. I'm relatively new.

    There have been a number of ideas about different ways to play the guild wars maps and different goals in single player versions or single guild versions. If something ever comes from that, it would be good to see whatever version happens of these non-stressful ideas placed between the alternating cycle of 1 week on and 1 week off, so that players and guilds have content to experience without it being overwelming.

    An additional shortcut is needed on the easier side of the map between the A and B routes. I can't speak to the nightmare side of the map. Such increadibly low levels of players are permitted to play gw compared to the overall map difficulties and some of those players can barely scratch at the walkers on the lowest levels. Turning more areas on the A route into 8 total actions and making them short cuts means weaker players can access more human defender missions that scale to their difficulty. To account for their numeric increase, scale down those area bonuses accordingly.

    On the map brighten and contrast the shortcut areas so they are easier to see. Shortcuts need to stand out from the dull flat coloring of the other areas. And they need to open up movement backwords on the map, especially for the easier shortcuts needed on A and B routes.

    At least 2 weeks off at the end of a campaign.

    Healing time for gw reduced by 75%.
  • TobiramaSenjuTobiramaSenju Member Posts: 3
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    All this is bullshit and i see that none of you have fkin clue what is the biggest problem over here. Matchmaking. Lets say 2 eaqualy strong teams meet eachother..
    Team nr1 have 6 players
    Team nr2 have 7 players
    Team nr 2 have 18 attacks more. Its absolutely no fkin chance to win agains some1 whos as strong as your guild with -18 attacks. So here is my suggestion...
    When this happens ,maybe add extra 18 atacks to that guild who got 1 player less?
    Lets say 6 vs 7 (108 attacks vs 126)
    Why cant the creators add extra 3 attacks to each player if they are fighting against a guild with 1 player more? That would make 126 attacks vs 126.
    Sorry for the language
    TobiramaSenju ( Lithuanian-HQ)
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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,938
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I love guild wars and the rewards so mid season break plus a 2-3 week break between seasons works for me. Healing needs to be reduced and the chance for grenades and medikits increased. How about putting some as rewards in hard distance?
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,135
    edited June 2020
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    As things are now I'd vote keep it as it is but that's only becasue now I play very little, so that would be a vote for myself.

    So my vote is for those that play a lot and which I very well understand, the need for this change.

    Salute! 😁
    TCBRITO[Deleted User]ATLAS-Z
  • Gobold69Gobold69 Member Posts: 113
    By the time I said the vote on line it wa closed

    First or second for me

    bIG issues. Needed

    Give us Something for the red Stop ignoring the question

    I like 20 axes 18 :ok if we go week On week Week

    Healing! Awful! Too long far too expensive and why can’t it be separate like the challenge. We advert a good busy week in GW we have a crap week on challenge

  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 735
    not having a campaign (double distance) will help too
  • Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    voted for one week breake between wars inside each season
    also need a brake between seasons three or four weeks
  • TasaTasa Member Posts: 1
    Other, please elaborate in the thread!
    Hello everyone.
    I have to admit that Guild Wars is time-consuming & exhausting for me, and it would be ok if it were removed from the game.

    Obviously, I know that this is difficult to happen, so here are some suggestions that I think would improve our gaming experience:
    - reduced healing times up to 75%, because we have only 22 hours to complete the battle
    - one week of battles, then a two-week break and so on
    - maybe a player should play once a week and not twice, and have more attacks
    - fewer players in the daily team, like before
  • zerolazerola Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2020
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    That's a good schedule...
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