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  • gndriagndria Member Posts: 45
    Contrary to many views on this forum I’m on the verge of getting bored by this format of Guild Wars. I have to participate to get the rewards to help keep improving, but big guilds are going down the router of coordination and plans and it lacks the flexibility and challenge that it used to.

    Half the problem it is a very similar set of maps week after week.  Maybe if the goal each week was different, perhaps as 1 week it follows the same set of rules as we have right now and perhaps the following week it has a different set of rules for example each player gets 30 minutes or 50 minutes to get as far as they can once their timer stops that’s it for them that day/battle. Another war could be more distance style where each player plays and injuries are remembered between attacks.

    There’s 4 wars in each season I think it would be really interesting to have 4 different styles of battle across those 4 weeks.  I’m sure this wouldn’t be the easiest to do and scoring needs to be looked into to keep them roughly equal across the wars, but at least it adds variety.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,683
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I’d like to play some forest or junkyard maps, I don’t get to play them very often. 
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    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Firekid said:
    I’d like to play some forest or junkyard maps, I don’t get to play them very often. 
    Agreed. If you mostly play the 38+ stuff I think there's only a handful of sectors that aren't sanctuary. It would be nice if it was mixed up a little more.
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 274

    If you are finding it not very challenging, you clearly are not doing very hard missions. 
    I know for a fact it’s difficult depending the mission for the very best of players. 
    And you have 1 opportunity and 1 fail can be instrumental in the teams performance. 

    The problem of the previous wars with that 50 minute time frame was people could not have that continuous opportunity to play where the current format gives the person plenty of time to work through their swords and therefore help and play with the team. 
    It’s not rushed and you can play more precise. I was effective working fast but to get the 1 hour available was difficult as you can’t break. 
    A mix of maps would make it interesting I do agree. Surely this can be implemented. 
    But I am unsure of the difficulty of programming. 
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    Other, please elaborate in the thread!
    Debiera volver  el hospital reducido cada que hay guerras
  • fretjefretje Member Posts: 119
    Although too lazy to translate it, @milkito makes a very good point... ;-)

    The hospital times are ridiculous! 

    For a f2p player it's not possible to push to your max for 18 missions as you then need 2.5 hours each time before being able to play the next mission. There are simply not enough hours in a war to do that.

    To level the playing field between guilds that spend a lot and guilds that don't spend, the hospital times should be reduced so it's still possible to play all 18 missions with max hospital time in between... this roughly comes down to halving the hospital times, like it has been once before. I thought that event had enough positive feedback to justify enabling it for each war? What happened?

  • maku11maku11 Member Posts: 60
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)

    I'm retired now because Guild Wars doesn't fit my lifestyle.

    I could only play the game for about 1-2 hours a day, so I had to spend a lot of gold to complete 18 missions.

    I was responsible for a map with a difficulty level of 38-42.

  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,388
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Cliff notes? Lol sorry I'll try and scan... 

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  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 304
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Oh, well.... I hope i don't sound arrogant to you @jj1 but if your battles are 22 hours long did you consider that maybe your planning and organisation isn't that good ? I am in international guild also, all possible timezones US, Europe,Asia, Australia and we don't have problem at all. In fact in battles of 10 we even organize all people to be online at same time to jump on same KAW maps multiple times. 
    Yes, having people who are among best in the world means they are more active and login multiple times per day so it's easier. But still, NG allow you to choose days you want to play, and you don't need to play with 10 if its hard to organize you can play smaller teams now too. It's all about good planning and communication.

    I know this season came too fast after last one, but please give this format a chance. Soon we will have 3 week break from GW and that will happen on regular basis in future after every season. Meanwhile if this one is too much for you, can take a backseat, play more casual, many rewards can be taken even with lost matches. It's not that bad !
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    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I agree with everything you just said @Mario_Romero. I think maybe @Karajoca doesn't know what it's like playing in the type of guild experience @jj1 describes. Or maybe he has an alt and he does. We don't know. 

    The point is that to be competitive, all players must be playing at or near their maximum difficulty level with coordination about who is killing humans. The timing of when some areas are finished so that other areas can be unlocked is the real bottleneck. This adds another layer of strategy/difficulty to planning and executing a strategy. If the developers intended this, they succeeded. If it was unintended, this roadblock should be removed. I love the idea @jj1 one presented about all sectors unlocked but only connected ones to the tier 1 and short cut tiers will generate a team score.
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 304
    edited September 2020
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Wow... well, You are all invited to Wild Walking to see how it is. I don't know where you get idea that everyone there can do what they like. We also have "experts" who does highest levels, human killers, or limits to difficulty 37, 39, etc.

    It's easy to just say - they are strong , they have easy job... But do you see and realize what we actually have to do in our GW battles ? Mavericks, Red Machine and us brought all this fights to another level. While most of the guilds can just focus on completing sectors, if playing with 10 like @jj1 mentioned i guess they do route on the left from D1 to 3F . We can't do that, we can only do from 4D to 6G/H and have ~30 attacks that need to be jumps. Because every point matters when you fight another strong guild and is way more harder to organize battle on top level.

    It really insults me, every time i come here and see people moan about small things. I can imagine very well how are battles looking like for lower tiers, Have been organizing and involved in battles of WW1-6.  But can you imagine how is fighting Red Machine or Mavericks ? It's stressful battles where fail cannot happen, and you can do only highest sectors. My head is spinning when it ends, from all co-ordinating and messaging people !

    Our first battles were way harder, but with time you make better plans and co-ordinate better. My battles end much faster now, but don't tell me that's because we have easy job - it's a huge effort from people in guild, all the planning that made it look easy.  That's all i am saying. If you have trouble, if you can't achieve what you want try harder. Success in this mode is impossible without effort and at least a little sacrifice from all team members.
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 627
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    @Karajoca You insulted people in lower tier guilds saying that GW was a ton of effort and needed a lot of time, but then you say you're insulted that people don't acknowledge your effort? Maybe you need to pick a lane on this one...
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 304
    edited September 2020
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Most of you know me as someone who speak here without hesitation and always tell what's on my mind.
    However this sound to you this is me, and what i think. I don't care if i get disagreements. 

    I first just answered a guy who claim that he need to be online 44 hours with 2 hours break to co-ordinate two battles. That absolutely sound ridiculous, and is just another over-reacted post like in many other threads. You people need to be honest with yourself at first, before coming here to cry and ask for changes. Find another approach, look why is that you are doing so difficult and hard. Maybe there are other solutions. Some other guilds make it, why we can't ? How that sound ?

    This mode, with similar format is active for us since January this year. At first, amazes me how still only handful of guilds regularly closing sectors 41-43(not even to mention harder ones) Why is this happening ? You tried few times, accepted defeats and failures and never go back there. Lack of ambition and desire to improve in playing hard maps i can see it reflects also on organization and planning for battles. It's easy to just say "oh this is hard, can't do it, how we are supposed to play with different time zones"... moan,moan,moan... Have you tried, like really,really tried ? 

    There are 6 available days to play battles, and each player need to participate only in two. You can play with 3 and up to 10 per battle. If this is not enough room to maneuver and make smooth plans, then either your guild-mates aren't real guild-mates who don't want to be little more active, maybe login little earlier then preferred just to help, or you are just doing something totally wrong. 

    When there is something wrong by NG side i am first in line for critics. But this is not it. This is just excuse for you - let's blame the system, for something we are not capable of, Instead of trying harder, growing as guild, improving. You don't have anyone to open sector 4-F early in battle ?? - Train someone, what you wait for ?
    Matchmaking isn't fair ? Why, because someone beat you ? They beat you because they play game better - go back to training, end of story.

    Success won't fall from sky for you. Need to embrace it, push for it. Need to question yourself do you really like this game, or will just accept your role of being in "little, lower guild" and wait for... i don't know what. 

    This is my honest opinion. Can hate me for my words, can say i am arrogant crazy bastard, coming here just to tease you - and that is probably partially true  :D 
    Or you can use this as motivation to really try harder. I sincerely hope so. 
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 604
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    @Karajoca I like what you are saying  defitnely dont need 44 hours. I usually do up to 39 comfortably and 40 41 with reservations. There have been times where I die on a 37 map but make it through a 40 search for clues with metal heads go figures. Lol.  After that it gets hard. I am trying to do some higher levels if we dont need all attacks to count. I am a dead stalker and in ds1 we do do alot of planning and setup. Its alot of work but is rewarding.

    We have some great team mates that take the lead with it. Some people cant get to kaw later on or do some.harder maps because they are done before login. I usually open 4g and get some 39s and end with 33s and 34s. Because by time work is done others take all the 38s and 39s.  I'll finish up some 40s if needed.  

    In dead stalkers 1 opening 4g let's better players save attacks. In dead stalkers 2 and 3 doing 4g helps open board and allow people to start 37 and 38s and leave 39s for others. 

     The time is not really an issue for me  in one battle I might put in maybe 2 hours of my day using all my attacks and some gold ofcourse. Not to much maybe 150 or 200 per gw. Also depends on if my survivors get to the red zone alot.

    I just realized last war I need to push for 41 plus or it will never be possible. It is supposed to be hard. 

    I have no 3 pink heroes. 2 pink scout rick scout daryl morgan rgg and eugene as well as just got sasha to 2 pink. 
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 408
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    Well, i happen to be in mavericks. And not to air dirty laundry but being in the lowest movement guild with a constant stream of players flooding in and out every week has it's... disadvantages. Some have been uninvolved or appathetic at best because it's not their destination guild just a temporary stopping point. Coordinating with that? Nightmare. I'm glad we finally have a solid plan now.

    I can empathize with what @jj1 said because I've seen it. The struggle is real. And it doesn't need to be quite so difficult.
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 627
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    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    Karajoca said:
    can say i am arrogant crazy bastard, coming here just to tease you
    I would never say that you're coming here just to tease me.

    I'm already trying way harder than you are Karajoca. That's the whole point. You can't push me further by provoking me with uneducated guesses. Especially after saying you can all be online at same time. I wish it would be possible for my guild, but my guild mates are less dedicated than yours and have real life restrictions that I've had to compensate for.

    I certainly respect WW's results and skills of individual players like you, but I don't respect the opinions of a person who so easily diminish the efforts of everyone who play in guilds where peoples's real life restrictions gets in the way of being one of the top guilds. There are family providers/business owners/students who can't leave work/school early, making others stay up half the night or wake up early to keep the plan together. You can try to diminish our personal sacrifices all you like, but that doesn't make us or them go away. This is sure to happen in your guild family too.

  • kinkokinko Member Posts: 116
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    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)

    Since Guild Wars began, we've lost 8 players so far. They have retired or moved to more casual guilds due to burnout. I love the concept of Guild Wars but the current format is killing the game.

    We worked hard on Guild Wars just for our guild's honor, but we were tired. I respect the strength of spirit of the guild members at the global top.

  • CrocodileCrocodile Member Posts: 709
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)
    when GW back to back even players who kills only human so tyred so make this happen

  • jj1jj1 Member Posts: 160
    Break after every war : 1 week of GW -> 1 week break (repeats for a total of 4 times)

    @Karajoca. Wow, you make a lot of assumptions based on a little post don't you? I thought I was putting forward a possible solution to a problem within my own (actually very geniune) experience. A solution which wouldn't affect your stated style of play at all but would help with issues which, I feel, are the result of life/game balance in mixed ability, international guilds which are not 'Hardcore'. From that, inspite of the fact that others are clearly having similar experiences, you surmise that I'm a thick, lazy, doesn't want to try, male liar with bad planning skills and a penchant for the left side of the board. I'm so sorry that my post insulted you so much Sweetie, I just didn't realise when I was writing it that it was all about you. 

    It's great that hardcore guilds exist and that you're so fantastic at the game but do you think you might possibly be the exception rather than the rule? If you reach those halcyon days where all us pesky 'Active' and 'Casual' no hopers have been hounded out I have to wonder what the ultimate fate of your NML game will be.

  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 304
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I maybe made assumptions @Paste & @jj1 but you are forgetting one thing (or don't realize). Wherever are your guilds now at state of development, mine was also there at some point, whatever problems you are facing - i've been there too. And i am kind of still there, while trying to help lower guilds in our family. So i think i know what i am talking about.
    While you two are also making assumptions, claiming how only you have real life, serious jobs, little time to play. We all do, it's just a question what are you going to do with your free time, playing game you like, or choose to come here and complain. While you were writing this posts you could do something for your guild for example.

    We are all in same basket here, difference is only how we are going to solve our problems. You at least have even more options, if your guilds are "casual" how you call them @jj1 , then you simply have no right to complain. Map of GW is HUGE and you can choose to do easy levels. Eventually you will be ranked against weak guilds and make easy wins. Rewards your guild claim will be better then you are doing now with all your effort, i am sure. 

    While i here, set some high standards, and can't go back now. Have to keep up and i don't know how much longer i can. That's a serious pain, and looking at your complaints made me come here and write all this - because, no, you are not the only ones who try and definitely not people who try hardest
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 408
    Mid-season break: 2 weeks of GW -> 1 week break -> 2 weeks of GW
    I'll pretend your subtle slaps in the face were really just a translation thing because English is a tricky language. We're all using English here and as a native speaker i appreciate this. So, thank you. I know that to communicate here i am certainly not the one who tries hardest..
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