Guild ranking (internal)

Within our guild, the most enjoyable team activities are Challenge, and Guild Wars. It's good to have events that encourage forum chatter to break away from all those times that it's essentially a solitary game.

I'd like to see the guild membership list used to encourage healthy internal rivalry, and motivate players at all levels to up their game & climb the rankings.

Simply using EITHER Challenge OR GW positions doesn't seem fair. I see players who are good at one and indifferent in the other. (Like most guilds, we have a couple of superstars who knock everything out of the park, but this isn't actually about them).

If the guild membership table could include finish position in each week's Challenge & GW, and then add them together for a 'Team ranking' score, the list could then be sorted by that ranking. Lowest score = highest ranking. So '2' would be top (finishing 1st in both events), down to '40' (finishing 20th, ditto).

My hope would be that the mid-level players would start to up their games in their weaker event to jockey for position. No-one gets hurt & no-one gets relegated (well ... that's a matter for guild leaders).

It would only have use during GW weeks, of course, otherwise it just duplicates the challenge ranking. And it would only use figures from that week's events, so that everyone gets an equal start each Monday when the table is refreshed.

Picky issues that I haven't bothered to think through 😁:
- Would it be better to use GW season ranking rather than weekly wars (but definitely not all-time ranking)?
- In many cases, mid-level players would end up with the same score. Should they just be listed alphabetically, or should there be a deciding element? Potential tie-breakers might include no. of missions completed that week, or walkers killed. Whatever. I'm inclined to say that joint positions would be just fine.

As always, in my head this would be a fairly simple patch to include in next upgrade. But I'm just a simple chap. Could you advise, @Fluxxx ?


  • n00bn00b Member Posts: 63
    You can simply have that data in excel
  • Infinite_M0nkeyInfinite_M0nkey Member Posts: 74
    Yes, true.
    My point is, to have it there on the guild membership page so that everyone can view it.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,055
    Agreed, you would see some people jumping on the easier KAW maps to selfishly boost their own score rather than doing their bit for the team.
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 800
    I fully agree with Firekid.

    If you're a heavy hitter you take more risk, so the scores might put you below the second tier players. And some people save attacks to late to finish off sectors that others couldn't. This is bad for their individual scores too because they end up playing easier, lower VP missions. But it's good for the team.
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