Guild Wars Season 4 schedule

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With the conclusion of Season 3 of Guild Wars Beta, we are making some changes to the scheduling of Guild Wars for the upcoming Season 4.

Here's an overview of the scheduling changes:
  • War 1 of Season 4 is on the 22nd - 28th of June

  • The week of 29th of June - 5th of July is a break

  • War 2 starts the week after, on the 6th - 12th of July

  • After War 2, there is a 2-3 week break as we're preparing for the next update

  • Season 4 resumes after the update, with a week-long break between the wars.

More information on the schedule of the following seasons will be available later on.

Stay safe!

Note: The time to purchase rewards from the Guild Shop for this season has been extended by a week, please remember to spend your RP!
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