Challenge Tips - Ghost Town - S.W.A.T.

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Mission: Clear the area.

Dwight is a good leader for the extra damage to armored walkers as well as being able to hit several at one time.
Charge up an assault survivor on the easier walkers and position him below the S.W.A.T. van.
Also position your hunter below the van.
Use the other survivor to open the van and release the armored walkers but not just before another wave of walkers careful with opening the van and arrive of next wave.
Use the assault's charge attack to damage and stun all of them which will allow extra attacks to take them all out.

Special Enemies:
Armored Walker - Bullets are less effective. Recommended classes: Scout, Warrior, Bruiser.

Survivor Selection Screen:
Leader: Sniper
Middle: Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial drop order:
Top: Leader
Middle Shooter
Bottom: Assault

Initial layout of map upon arrival:

Gameplay Video:



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