Challenge Tips - In the Dead of the Night - Midnight Snack

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Mission: Collect the loot and get out.

Take your middle survivor and walk them straight up (North) to the barrier. This allows seeing all the walkers to the left. Use your assault (hopefully with wide-spread weapon) to clear out the entire area to the left. Open the 1st two loot crates on the left and save the one in the top middle of the map for last. Move two of your survivors to the far-right side of the map before opening the last crate so they can provide cover fire. Once the last crate is open, two burning walkers will come out of the fire pit at the top-right corner of the map on each round. I use an assault positioned at the top of the exit zone to keep them clear. I use a hunter at the bottom of the exit zone to keep a clear path at each choke point.

Special Enemies:
Tank - Their attacks result in a stun for one round. Recommended to use Scout, Hunter or Shooter against them.
Burning - Melee attacks against them will result in catching fire. Recommended classes: Hunter, Shooter, Assault

Survivor Selection Screen:
Leader: Sniper
Middle: Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial drop order:
Left: Leader
Middle Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial layout of map upon arrival:

Move up the middle survivor to reveal walkers hiding to the left and move up assault to clear them out.

When the last loot crate is opened, two burning zombies come out of the fire. Be in position and lay down cover fire before opening the 3rd crate.

Covering positions of fire to remain in the area to get more XP from additional kills:

Gameplay Video:





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