Challenge Tips - In the Dead of the Night - The Narrow Path

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Mission: Open gate and reach the exit.

There is no threat counter but walkers spawn on each turn. A great map to grind out XP once you reach the evacuation zone. Work your way to the left or right escape zone as fast as possible and place your hunter in the corner of the escape zone so they can hit multiple targets that spawn on the escape line or just above. Have the other two above and to the side of the hunter. You can move the assault around to maximize the kills-per-hit but be careful not to get too close to the door or a hidden walker might come in and get a free attack.

Special Enemies:
Burning - Melee attacks against them will result in catching fire. Recommended classes: Hunter, Shooter, Assault

Survivor Selection Screen:
Leader: Sniper
Middle: Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial drop order:
Left: Leader
Middle Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial layout of map upon arrival:

Gameplay Video:





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