Dear Next Games...

Before i start this letter i should introduce myself, so you know from who and where is all this coming from.

Playing this game since January 2017, with one larger break(when you introduced badges and when wrestler trait was way to win) ,come back, catch-up, helped forging one of the most dominating guild families in this game's history. When i accomplished my goals there, moved forward, organizing virtual events for whole community, bonding players together, searching for ways for all of us to enjoy more while playing your game. Why ? Well, simply because game are not offering us enough fun and i personally believe all this what we have here is only 20% of full potential this game can reach.
I was close to give up... I think i outgrow all this, and that my time is wasted here, that is time for next step, something new. But i wouldn't be me if i at least don't try to make it better, to reach out, try to fix things before is too late.( i guess it helped also that Homescapes, and Raid: Shadow Legends, completely sucks and i can't understand who the hell play all those games. :D They have 100M users more then you guys. How ? Why ? :'( )

I will go straight to the point :
Why are we in this mess right now ?

Constantly adding new game-changers who are also affecting game modes, while you are not trying to invent a new approach but only "building on" - giving round passes, master missions, etc. to Challenge instead of making new design .
You are afraid of big changes, and lack of ambition you are showing is best reflected through leaderboards in all game modes, who are totally not competitive, not fair and screams "important is to participate". Trying to "take it easy", keep everyone happy , not losing long-term players with some big, upsetting changes... resulted in having now 90% of community, playing this game on lazy, boring way, without trying to catch-up, improve... they do what's needed, time passes... until when, i wonder ?

"Milking" same 10% of people who are competing, instead of making other 90% interested and becoming your income resource is very, very wrong...

Inability to make newly introduced stuff ( reinforcement, re-roll tokens, tools, components) important and giving you money in longer period is also a problem. I was thinking introducing re-roll tokens means we will have new heroes, new traits very often, but looks like i was wrong. Long time passed, and even complete f2p re-rolled every important hero.

Need to understand that all things we could buy so far(weapons,armours, radios, tokens, components) are helping to improve team, increasing chances in mission but skills are still needed to pass. Tools are something that directly "Buy Win" during mission and that part is making players very upset. This is why you need to be extra careful with tools, and removing in-mission purchase is step in right direction, so i won't comment this matter more .

For one thing i can definitely say well done - that is communication with players, and almost instant reaction to satisfy their needs, do what is asked. I doubt there are many games where you can reach to developers like we can. But that makes me wonder, WHY, OH WHY, you don't give beta testing, and discuss with players BEFORE every major update ??? You are obviously willing to listen to players, so doing it in front of changes/updates will save a lot of time and i just don't see any bad side of it. (please point out if i am wrong)

I will now give my own suggestions/ideas of what need to be changed ASAP to help the game going
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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,550
    Well said! I couldn’t agree more! :+1:
  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 738
    Agree with all of this too. My favorite is adding a new resource. As much as people hate it sometimes, at its heart this is a farming game and once you've reached 'end game' there isn't a huge incentive to play. Outside of campaigns and GW, I only play wed-fri now. It'd be nice to have something else to grind for.
  • VovVov Member Posts: 84
    Thanks Joca. And for most, what you said about new and middle players giving up when their survivors reach lvl 19 or 20 is correct, especially 100% in my case. I cannot describe how loooong and booooring it has been to me when grinding for 20 mil tomatoes. I stopped doing that for a while and play a slower pace now. I will not complain about how many 20 mil tomatoes I have to make to upgrade a building just so I can level up my camp nor how the gas cost increases from 3 to 4 then 5 now just to have few thousands of tomatoes more XD. I just think that you are right!
  • DiElElDiElEl Member Posts: 167
    Couldn't have said it any better...
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,090
    I agree with everything you’ve said. Particularly keeping new players interested and nightmare distance.
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,134
    Great well thought out ideas @Karajoca 👍
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    edited June 2020
    First, thanks everyone for support <3

    There are lot more ideas coming from me but i decided to stick to basics, and mention only things that are very important to fix . @Thunderstorm here is right, i know all that very well. but with all respect you sound just like some of those people who designed this game, looked at (for them) disappointing numbers and run away, abandon developing, moved to something else.
    I am one of the people who don't give up that easy, who would try to fix things, and try to look outside of the box. Admit mistakes, search for ways to improve!

    It's very easy to say - aha, zombies are not good enough, kids don't like it, they like Pokemon Go, let's make Walking Dead Go(or whatever their new game is called) That's the point when all this went down, and slowly but determined this game is dying. I have a feeling their employees get instruction to just keep it going while they can, avoid big changes until complete end.

    For me, this game is a masterpiece turn based strategy and there is no better mobile game currently on the market ( Please PM me list of other games if i am wrong ;) )
    There are dozens of zombie games out there, i will never understand why, but this genre is actually extremely popular currently so i don't believe that is the problem at all.
    Problems are, to repeat :
    1 - New player have to farm around ~1 000 000 000 Tomatoes to progress from lvl 0 - lvl 74. Players, especially young ones give up as soon as they realize this mission impossible. But instead of giving up i believe there are plenty of easy solutions and i offered one.
    2 - Leaderboards, meaning of all in-game modes are too casual, not worth trying, pushing, no rewards to fight for. I have no idea how many times my guild was "On Top" after challenge week which makes us thinking why the hell are we even trying

    I can add more but no - this two things, attracting more players + letting them reach max level faster + engage current ones with adding little bit of competitiveness and goals to achieve on weekly/monthly basis as guilds is crucial to awake the game
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,079
    I would be 100% fine with that too @Rohlikzauchem

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  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
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    @Karajoca , you made me laugh with your short-sighted comments on me. You don't really read well. You must be really sore over something.

    Firstly, I said your ideas are good.

    Secondly, I don't sound nor am I a game designer. I'm a Physics high-school teacher. I based on facts. You said I will abandon when things go south but funny, I did say "I still play this game until ...". I didn't abandon the one thing I was commenting on it.

    Thirdly, you said "...It's very easy to say - aha, zombies are not good enough, kids don't like it, they like Pokemon Go...". Well, wake up and face the reality, check the facts cause that is the truth. Go check the behavioral of kids. They want instant gratification/results, cartoonish, colorful etc. Even some adults like these. You may not like these, but let others do. How old are you?

    Fourth, you said "...looked at (for them) disappointing numbers and run away, abandon developing, moved to something else...". Well, what do you know, NG really did that with The Walking Dead: Our World." They did move to another game. Are you disappointed? But they didn't abandon NML, they just keep it going. I didn't say NG nor NML are bad.

    Fifth, you said "...I am one of the people who don't give up that easy, who would try to fix things, and try to look outside of the box...". You obviously are ignorant about business. You need to maintain the office and equipment, pay the taxes, fees, bills and salaries, develop new games etc. All these needs revenue. I'm going repeat what you's very easy to say what you said. Start your own zombie gaming business and show me your resilience when the going gets tough...or talk is cheap?

    I advise you to look through NG's financial statement and portfolio but this time read thoroughly. I have read it. You may be one helluva NML player, a great leader of a guild, maybe not within the 10% as JayZ said, but you are really not good at commenting on others. Go stick to your favorite game.

    I can still comment on two more items but I decided to take a break and wait with anticipation.

    I never doubt this game is a masterpiece, why else do I still play the game.
  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 338
    edited June 2020
    I have an idea regarding scavenge missions. What makes scavenge missions boring is the fact that its to easy, thus making scavenging a huge boring chore. To make it less boring, they should add one or more difficulties with special enemies, missions would take more time and they’d be tougher but they’d give increased chances of having silver and gold crates with maybe more bundles (instead of opening 3 crates you’d be able to open 4, 5 crates). Farming and events like the radioactive event would be more fun since you’d be able to find bigger amounts of radios in harder missions.

    Edit: It could also give us a reason to upgrade our farming heroes.
  • Lady JLady J Member Posts: 227
    @Karajoca you are so cute ❤️ (loved the ideas! Thank you for keep trying... NML need players like you 😘)
  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 375
    I agree with your comments, especially the ones about the new player and having to earn so many tomatoes. I have suggested several times that they should offer a double tomato boost like they offer a 24 hour double xp boost. I imagine people would spend the price of a soft drink to get double tomatoes.

    One of my guild mates recently quit at level 70 because he became discouraged. He said he felt like he was always chasing a moving target and could never get to the end.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    The leveling when I started was 23, so I was late to scene. I spent 1000s in game purchases, I also then spent 100s of hours farming and running same boring missions over to hit max. Once I hit max I hit 2k stars in Mavs OG, was #1 guild and quit.

    Then cameback and game had changed and I’ve spent probably 1500 since being back, but game is quickly losing my interest. This past challenge we got #1 guild when we took the top 20 players in our family put them together.

    But most challenges I just run MM till I can’t pass one. Around 2k stars, don’t redo missions for lost stars, don’t watch videos or put forth effort.

    Haven’t ran a distance since decimator event.

    Don’t farm for radios, supplies, or XP

    Don’t really login till Wednesday hell one week I didn’t login till Sunday and ran up to 1700 stars and logged off.

    I feel the devs just care enough to suck just a little more money out of us. They have some good ones that care, but even @Fluxxx sometimes seems more distant on forums. I feel game will go down once show dies completely.

    They are in desperate need of new content and probably would need new servers to make it more real time if they wanna keep it going. If not then it’s just. Ticking time bomb.

    I’ve always encouraged people to look up PerBlue and their game Parallel Kingdom. It was ground breaking and designed in 2009 by college kids using google maps and it was so much more advanced and so much more interactive, real time, with so many facets. You could be a merchant and buy and sell to other players live, you could be a Kingdom player and war player. Build a Kingdom then defend it, destroy kingdoms, heck just trying to find a Kingdom that’s in a random place in the world.

    But has this game advanced really since it’s start?
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,134
    The story missions got me hooked, finish those and there's not much to do. The game needs a new direction.
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