Permanent tiered hero calls

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Anyone else thinks common hero tokens are to hard to come by? Since I started playing in Dec 2019, I spent almost all of my radios on alternative calls. I have every alternative heroes (which are some of the best heroes in the game) at 1 or 2 pink stars while my common heroes are all 3, 4 or 5 stars. Sometimes I’d like to get tokens for other heroes but almost never see good calls for them and I don’t want to risk getting survivor tokens in normal calls, since they’re kinda useless. I think they should add permanent calls with only heroes.


15 radios call featuring lower tier heroes like Daryl (Hunter), Maggie (Hunter), Glenn (Scout) etc...

20 radios call featuring mid tier heroes like Jesus Abraham, Gabriel etc...

25 radios call featuring top tier heroes like Sasha, Eugene, Michonne etc...

All calls would give 2x the number of tokens.

The alternative heroes / Alpha / Beta could stay in special 25 radios call and rotate to regular calls when new heroes are introduced to the game.



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    Tbh if you want a great way to boost junk heros then save all radios till New Year’s Day. I burnt something like 10k radios for the 2020 tokens. You get a ton of junk heros.

    Also the 40 radio calls sometimes are good with those heros.

    Ideally I would like to see a 25 call like the ALT call but have it be top heros we use such as:

    All mine are 7-9* but would love to get Sasha, michone, and abe up to 8*
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