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I have been looking all over the internet and I can't find anything regarding the rules or instructions on how to play this game...
what are the star levels?
how to level up players?
what the equipment does??
what charactures are better then others?
weapon stats?
gear stats?
can I make a 2* Ann into a 3* Ann?
should I max out a person? 8/8 or is a 7/8 just as good?



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    Star levels are for guild challenges and that will come a lil bit later on so don't sweat it right now.
    Level up players by building a training ground and then you can use experience points to level your survivors, or if you meant to level yourself up? That happens when you build and upgrade buildings and such.
    The characters you use will depend on what is available to you at the time and your preferences. If your this new you only have scouts and bruisers right now anyway.
    2 star ann can't be made into a 3*, you have to use a radio to call out and hope for better survivors.
    What the equipment does? Sorry I don't understand the question.
    You should max out a person unless you have a better person to invest in. Try to keep a variety of each class because different stages may need a specific approach as you progress to higher levels.
    Hope this helped..
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    I was gonnnnna say that Necro.But I couldn't figure out how to type all those / and : with _ followed by .com.
  • @xxMichaelxx this forum is a plethora of info. I wish I knew about it before I got as far as I did.
  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    Thank you everybody!!!!
    You all are so much nicer than the assholes at Star Trek Timelines.... That game sucks!

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    My Weapon question....

    For example....
    1. Should I waste my Sherif badges on upgrading a 3 star shirt with 2 upgrade slots or or a 4 star shirt with 1 upgrade slot?
    2. Has anyone done anytype of spread sheet showing the diffrent weapons and armor?
    3. Has anyone done a sheet showing damage at diffrent levels or stars or upgrades?

    I have so many bats, butterfly knives, body armor and rifles I don't know which ones to upgrade... I have like 2 brown, 6 blue, 8 gold rifles...
    all ranging from 1 star to 5 stars, between 1-3 upgrade slots..... how am I to make an informed decision on how to spend my gold and badges if I don't know what the upgrades do?

    A level 2, two Star 357 with 2 upgrade slots does 42 damage I'm guessing... so what will the next upgrade do? it has to do more than just add 5% luck for 2886 badges and 1.5 hours of waiting....

    I had a level 1 bloodied outcast's shirt that is Blue (epic), I maxed out all 3 upgrade slots for a ton of badges (and 3 days waiting) for a maxed out shirt thats level 4 defense 38.....
    My pocketed outcast shirts are level 7 , defense 51..... I'm tired of guessing...

    Can anyone help?

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    I'm as new at this as you.
    lvl 14, f2p,
    pretty bummed out by how slow it's going. (upgrades without gold)
    lvl 6 survivors
    -1 epic bruiser that I almost retired cause he's a bruiser and thought he was useless. isn't.
    -1 epic hunter
    -1 epic scout (all 6 out of 10lvls) + 4 rare scouts
    bought the extra slot with first 100 gold
    done a lot of side missions
    current episode - 5
    how many radios do you get per day? I'm hoping to find another hunter or shooter (epic or leg) but I'm getting 3 radios per day!

    1. I upgrade only epic and legendary weapons. blue & yellow. upgrade pieces that have the 3 best upgrade options. the upgrade takes too long for it to be spent on shitty weapons. Till that one is done you'll find a better piece out there. I don't spend much time thinking about that, just spend some XP(sheriffbadge) whenever I have too much and when I can't train survivors.
    go on deadly missions and find better.
    3. dunno
    4. dunno

    My problem is that I made a guild by accident and since I'm a f2p n00b player I wont get anyone to join & I'd like to delete my guild and find another since those stars are worth the trouble .. but can't find out how to do so, if there is a way. know anything about that?
  • @dedLana Are you still stuck in your guild. ?
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