Weapons and traits

I want to match people's traits with weapons traits. I cannot find a good video on how to match these up. How do you get them perfectly matched up, so they glow?  Here is an example with Abraham: The weapon has Silence, interrupter, and luck. His Traits are Marksman, iron skin, dodge, defensive stance, and bitchnuts.  How do these match up? Is there a list of what matches with what?


  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 547
    A few traits match up between items and hero traits like lucky on weapons and iron skin on armor. Most of the item traits don't match up with hero traits in the way that you are asking. For assault for instance, widespread is an excellent trait. But not a hero trait. 

    With rerolls you can really tweak your hero. If Abe has dodge and lucky traits, and your weapon has lucky, and your armor has dodge, he's going to be much harder to hit. And if your armor has iron skin and Abe has iron skin, those stack and pile on top of Damage Resistance badges. DR% can reach 80, greatly reducing the damage you take per hit.

    You mentioned glowing. The badges glow when there are 4 of the same type or more. Then each badge of that shape on the hero gets a 20% buff. Is that what you were talking about when you mentioned glowing?
  • WiushiWiushi Member Posts: 82
    Here's as example of traits building on your armor & weapon for shooter: on pistol the skull is Lethal increases +15% damage and has extra damage in charge trait it increases damage 12% they increase the Damage badges that could equal up to 80% if you have three Damage badges.  Or in armor you could have health 19% and Damage Reduction 15% and you have a Health Boost on your dustbowl jacket. Your health score will increase by maybe 50%
  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 82
    Reroll? Should I reroll prowl darryls iron skin for power strike? Will it effect using him in gw for better or worse ?
  • tustus Member Posts: 230
    I've left power strike on Daryl as alot of the time he's equipped with the spear with Rick.
    Strong ; ruthless; powerstrike & lucky are generally the accepted traits for scouts combined with 3xdamage & 3xcrit damage badges.
    Protect them with a good value bruiser & you'll go far.

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