During challenge our guild is seeing different scores for people.

iBolskiiBolski Member Posts: 115
We are seeing a weird glitch in scoring. We have one member who shows she's only scored 717 points. But for the rest of us, she's sitting at 1520. The total we see DOES match up for the guild with her 1520 score, but on her device, it's half that. Any idea what's going on? Everyone else's scores match but the guild star total for what I see matches our guild total for now. She sees the same star total as we do for the guild, but her score is smaller as you can see. I've logged out of the device and back in and also checked on other devices and I see here "doubled" score as does everyone else. She sees what is her actual score, which is 717. Very weird.

Here's what she sees:

And here's what we see:

In-Game Username: Bolski
Guild: Glorious Undead (Leader)
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