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    bgbelden said:

    But if we're allowed 300 pieces of gear how does that hurt. Doesn't hurt NG, Only helps me. I'm not playing a math game where I have to always get the sum total correct or risk catching walker disease. Let me have my gear or allow it to be traded/sold

    No idea. It could be something where NG does not want us banking things. It could be something in the programming where over 140 causes a problem, perhaps the database was initially designed that way where the thought the max of 140 is more than enough or the layout on the screen becomes more clunky/performance hit on redraws and loading. I am not sure that NG will go into details with us about it, but if enough people want more spots, they could listen and adjust.

    Everybody is different in the game, but both the warning and the increase in slots to me are down the list. If I see one more change of graphics, such as adding the dance at the end or changing the screen colors again, before the main things are fixed, I will break down crying in a massive heap :) The general rollback and guild bugs, the constant crashes of the game and those are what I want to see done. The next in terms of the details of the game, looking at the scaling of costs, both time, supplies, XPs, for upgrades and the consideration of the amount we get for scrapping. One of the mods said that was being looked into if I recall.

    As to selling, we have scraping. Did not say you get a fair price for it though :)
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    Merged threads. Also great idea. An item counter would work great also, similar to survivor slot count.
    ex. 135/140

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