When are Forum Badges coming back?

@Fluxxx. Just curious. Seems we have a backlog going back to the fall of 2019. I enjoyed getting them and I hope they return. 


  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 528
    I have been waiting for my “ Get yo the point “ badge for 3 months , it took me forever to do that 
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  • marroba2000marroba2000 Member Posts: 144
    These are inside the badges update, I guess. 😀
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 524
    I'm starting to think that we shouldn't hold our breath. I think that vacant office is still empty.    :/
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 524
    ... apparently we don't need no steenking  Badges! 
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