Leader trait idea for Magna

Magna (Warrior): Unpredictable Animal

Description:  During enemy turns, Magna throws her knives up to 4 spaces away at up to 2 approaching enemies dealing {0}% of the targets total health. Magna has {1}% of dodging ranged and melee attacks.
As a leader, Bruisers, Scouts and Warriors gain these bonuses.

Why this Leader Trait?: The first part of her LT comes from the fact that she carries a bunch of knives. The second part comes from the fact that she describes herself has an unpredictable animal. When I think about someone who’s unpredictable in a game, I think about someone that’s hard to reach.


  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 537
    I'd love to see Magna have a massive damage bonus against non-normal walkers and humans. And I mean really impressive and huge where starting out at low level every player says "damn!" Dwight hits from range. A mele hero has to get up close. Consider what she's fought through and consider how she's worn others blood better than everyone else except Daryl in recent memory. Not just walkers blood. Humans too. She talks about it. I think she should have a massive damage buff and also a very significant anti-body shot buff. The more she levels, the more accurate she gets etc.
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