Minor issues with camouflage status

TireaTirea Member Posts: 50
Season Missions - Origins - Mission 02/08

- Bruiser with punish trait will break camouflage state in case punish triggers.
- Assault survivor with decimator equipped cannot intentionally break camouflage by shooting something, you will need to wait until camouflage wears off.

01.) Equip an assault survivor with decimator weapon.
02.) Pick a bruiser with punish trait and the decimator assault.
03.) Start season mission (Origins) 02/08 with these two survivors.
04.) Use the barrel to apply camouflage status to both.
05.) Try to shoot with the assault on a walker (target circle will appear, but it will not fire the decimator).
06.) Place bruiser next to a walker (or better: hope for a walker to end its turn next to your bruiser.) => Punish will trigger and end camouflage.



  • KratosKratos Member Posts: 358
    I also had half an action point left on one of my survivors when I ended my turn.  It killed a walker in overwatch that approached and the camo was gone.
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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 814
    The overwatch / punish will break the camouflage, no surprise there. Works the same way as Beta's herding. Not saying this is how it should be, but I wouldn't classify it as a bug as it certainly is intended to work that way.
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  • KratosKratos Member Posts: 358
    Agreed not a bug just pointing out it is a neat but tricky feature.  I ended up running the last 4 missions without even stopping at the barrels.  Run farther, kill em all & get out.
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  • TireaTirea Member Posts: 50
    In case the camouflage gets a future thing for other game types (like used in challenge or some kind of leader trait or whatever) then I would consider the current mechanic in conjunction with overwatch and punish a big thing. Therefore I thought its a good idea to point this out.
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