survivor drops part 2

@old goth I just tried another survivor rescue on nightmare level this time-episode 9/6 "Assault on Walkers". The survivor drop on a level 18 mission was a level 12( 2 star). I went into the mission with my 2 recently upgraded level 15 survivors (epic hunter and legendary shooter). When I was on my way out, after opening the two vans, the walkers coming out were level 19s. The level 12 could over no help to my two and Wanda went down. The last time I completed this mission on hard level, the drop was a level 14 assault for a much lower level mission (maybe 14 or 15). It appears that now NG has really made these survivors worthless to us.

I have 3 points I want to make about this. First, I think the competitive balance of the mission is now lost (as you mentioned in my prior post). If I am only going in with 2 survivors, the rescue survivor needs to be of a level close to parity with the level of the mission or It requires considerable upgrades on my camp and survivors and equipment to now complete the missions ( I usually can punch missions that are 2 or 3 levels above my survivors, but with these rescue mission it is now becoming more difficult to do so).

Second, since the survivor is so much lower than the mission levels, they will be worthless to keep for any period of time and will always be immediate scraps unlike in the past. This is disappointing.

And third, since the survivors are our reward and will give so little xp when scrapped and the survivors were already unlocked in the normal level mission that was completed, we will be getting little for completing the hard or nightmare mission beyond just getting past it to the next one. If you want to keep them at such a low level, please give us the reward page and let us open up 3 crates at the end in addition to the xps form the scrapped survivor.

I am sorry if this is a redundant thread to people. I believe that this is the issue that was described as the nerfing of the survivors, yes?

Just to end a positive note, I really do like this game and I am really happy with the 5 sec survivor upgrades this weekend. It really helped me to upgrade 3 new level 15 survivors this weekend. Thanks :)
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