⚠️Alexandria4Ever▪️Join our community and thrive, not just survive▪️500⭐️/wk▪️Level 60+⚠️

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⚠️Alexandria4Ever▪️Join our community and thrive, not just survive▪️500⭐️/wk▪️Level 60+⚠️

The world as you knew it is gone, ravaged by an epidemic of the dead reanimated into mere husks of the people they once were. And they are everywhere. You may be a survivor, but little by little you’ve come to realize that those who survived can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth. Your only chance to make it in this new world is to band together and find strength in numbers

We are the Alexandria Safe-Zone, or simply Alexandria. We are a group of international survivors offering not only safety and camaraderie but also engaging chat, insightful gaming tips, and we also have a highly generous leader (Queen Zeva) who loves to give away free guild crates fairly often to reward our successes.

To join our ranks you must be level 60 or higher, no exceptions. In return for safety, hospitality, and loot we expect our members to pull in a minimum of 500 challenge stars per week. Don’t worry though, we understand when life throws you obstacles so as long as you let us know you won’t make the target ahead of time then we can work with you. We pride ourselves on being open and understanding as long as you pull your weight the rest of the time.

We would love to hear you bang on our front gate. Our guild name is Alexandria4Ever and our description says “Zeva’s Zatoxian Warriors - 500 Minimum Stars”, so that should help you find us. We will entertain all applicants if there’s space enough to take on more. Those who don’t make the weekly minimum, and have no reason not to have made it, will be given a little food and a bottle of water and will be unceremoniously booted out into the wild. That’s your chance to get in. Hit us up! We’d love to add strong, able-bodied members to our community.

Come join the best group this side of the apocalypse! You owe it to yourself and those you were forced to leave behind.




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