Distance Reimagined

Here’s an idea for the distance, make it similar to GW with different paths. After completing the first mission, you’d have different paths that give out different rewards so players can choose what they need.

Start (Experience) -> Mission 2 
                                  Option 1 (Supplies)
                                  Option 2 (Lvl 2 Components)
                                  Option 3 (Epic Bruiser Vest)

Mission 2 -> Mission 3 
                    Option 1 (Lvl 2 Fragments)
                    Option 2 (Epic Scout Weapon)
                    Option 3 (Experience) 

Mission 3 -> Mission 4
                    Option 1 (30x Aaron /1x Reinforcement)
                    Option 2 (30x Aaron /3x Rerolls)
                    Option 3 (50x Aaron) 

Mission 4 -> Mission 5
                     Option 1 (Rest (30% Heal) + Medkit)
                     Option 2 (2x Grenades)
                     Option 3 (70x Jesus) 
Mission 5 -> Mission 6
                     Option 1 (60x Michonne)
                     Option 2 (60x Eugene)
                     Option 3 (60x PGG) 
1. To make it exciting some options could be random. On mission 6 one player would have to choose between Michonne, Eugene and PGG while another would have to choose between Gabriel, Morgan (Bruiser) and Rick (Shooter). 
2. To make it less of a chore early, the starting difficulty should be based on our highest hero level + let us choose a difficulty between +0 and +10. So for exemple if your heroes are level 27 and you choose dif +5, you start off at difficulty 32. 
3. Every +1 difficulty would improve rewards and/or increase the amount received. For exemple, if you receive 60x tokens at difficulty +0 than at difficulty +1 you’d receive 70x token. Or instead of receiving epic gear you’d receive legendary gear, etc...

4. Give us varied objectives, right now most distance maps are killing enemies and opening a gate to exit. I’d like to see different objectives based on what your looking for. If your doing a mission for supplies, the objective would be to search some boxes, if the mission is to find a place to rest, a secure the area etc...

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think or if you have any ideas of your own. 


  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,753
    3 NG developers were just shown this idea and all had heart attacks at the amount of coding this would require 😂. 

    Love the idea though and would be amazing. 
  • roxyy141roxyy141 Member Posts: 10
    Some kind of adventure mode like this would be fun. 
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