Awesome challenge changes NG bravo


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    🤦🏿‍♂️ je voulais faire un poste mais bon, les ressenti ne change pas, mettre ces Z qui te font saigner et qui bloque la capacité special des persos, il ne pouvait pas y avoir pire! Sasha + 2 soldats pour faire barrage baissera mal, même 3 cogneurs sur la carte "Jardin" bref... dès fois vaut mieux laisser une merde que d'en rajouter par dessus.
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    Cronus said:
    I missed the announced changes apparently and a search for "fast walker" here turns up nothing on it (at least changes). Did not like fast walkers to begin with mostly because it represents a lazy insertion of something instead of creation of maybe a new map. However if fast walkers now induce bleeding this reeks of increased gold consumption as bleeding automatically takes away a star on a single hit.
    We introduced this change 2 updates ago. From Spring Mayhem update notes:

    Fast Walkers
    • Movement reduced from 4 to 3 spaces
    • Fast walkers no longer have dodge nor bullet dodge
    • Attacks from Fast Walkers will cause your survivors to bleed.

    As for bleeding, just in case - you won't lose the star if you heal the bleeding (and are still on green HP - and I don't mean medkit)
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    Fluxxx a déclaré:
    J'ai manqué les changements annoncés apparemment et une recherche de "marche rapide" ici ne révèle rien (au moins les changements). N'aimait pas les marcheurs rapides au départ principalement parce que cela représente une insertion paresseuse de quelque chose au lieu de créer peut-être une nouvelle carte. Cependant, si les marcheurs rapides provoquent désormais des saignements, cela pue une augmentation de la consommation d'or, car les saignements enlèvent automatiquement une étoile sur un seul coup.
    Nous avons installé ce changement il y a 2 mises à jour. D'après les notes de mise à jour de Spring Mayhem :

    Changements de Fast Walkers
    • Déplacement réduit de 4 à 3 caisses
    • Les marcheurs rapides ont plus d'esquive ni d'esquive de balle
    • Les attaques de Fast Walkers feront saigner vos survivants.

    Quant au saignement, juste au cas où - vous ne perdrez pas l'étoile si vous guérissez le saignement (et êtes toujours sur HP vert)

    Yeah but hey when you heal your character and he stays there for that fact type again I don't see interested, what you mean is "Use your kits" right?
  • DaiikoDaiiko Member Posts: 150
    Yeah but hey when you heal your character and he stays there for that fact type again I don't see interested, what you mean is "Use your kits" right?
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    I meant that you are able to take off the effect for an action point - just in case some players might not have realized.
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    I feel bad for the hate you got there :lol:@Firekid

    I haven't played the challenge yet to really comment but I agree in the sense that I am more than happy to take 1-2* than pull my hair out trying for 3* and I don't really like the endless grindfest challenges.
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    Lol, it’s all good, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and if mine different to others then that’s ok. At least I’ll be enjoying the challenge 👍
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    Fluxxx said:
    I meant that you are able to take off the effect for an action point - just in case some players might not have realized.

    oh yes I see, but hey if you heal for 1 action points and you stay in place and you take the same shot, it's doing on the spot 🤷🏿‍♂️
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    @Drunken are you saying you can’t 1 star any of these maps at 36-37? Just don’t go for 3 stars? I don’t understand why you are saying NG are forcing people to spend to 3*. 90% of the player base maybe even 95% of the player base just play until they can’t 1 star a map. They will be able to 2 star quite a lot of these for a long way. And dumpsite will probably be their stopper just like it was last time and that’s had minimal changes. 
    Score will be lower across the board but so what.
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    My score will be very low like guild Min :) 
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    @Firekid I skip stars weekly even 2x missions to get to the real challenge, but on maps that are pure gold dump where you pay to pray for a certain spawn, or that one crucial dodge, I just simple skip. 

    Vast majority of times in life when people make changes to things it’s not for the betterment of the community but for a select few. 
    Just an opinion of about 20 different chats 🤪
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    I’m not sure which maps are like that at the moment though drunken? I can’t see many where a starting spawn will make a difference and the lucky dodge to win or a critical aim or getting charged up from hitting 2 walkers is always a thing on nearly every map on every mapset. 
    Fact of the matter is this set was far to easy so they made it harder, they did the same with boom barrel. 
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    "Occupied" actually looks easier in my opinion, you can just herd with Beta or find a place to set up a stun wall/cycle with Sasha. "Secret Stash" kind of looks harder but there is more room to herd or prowl now, before it was possible to get stuck behind a wall. "Battlegrounds" and "Dumpsite" plays pretty much the same way.  "Pile of Fire" was too easy before, but I don't think putting the fast walkers on aggressive was necessary since they can cause Bleeding now. "Garden" is going to suck. I think you can herd there, but I haven't had much luck with that method. I just put 3 bruisers on the gate and now they will bleed and not be able to use charge attacks to protect the gate. Overall I am not too upset about the changes, but perhaps I would've liked to try the new Fast Walkers on the old maps first.
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    @JayZ last week I agree was all about starting charged and feel that was more because of the poor class bonus for the set.  (although disagree about green thumb, MM 49 had to open 5 boxes and 3 star, only a lottery if you play it that way) 
    Watch any level 45+ video and there will be a point where you can say if that bruiser didn’t stun that walker or eugune dodging a hit it would be game over. Yes you need skills to get to the point that that is all that is required but don’t see how this map set is much different to those. 
    Again pile of fire this week requires you to stun 1 walker or it’s not 3 star but that doesn’t mean it’s game over. 
    Any map with a gate is crap shoot with needing bruisers to take hits. 
    I’m not saying these are not faults with the game but that this map set isn’t that different to the majority we play week in week out. 
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