Rerolled trait, but wrong trait was changed

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I had selected the trait I wanted to reroll (defensive stance) and had the option for "bullet dodge" or "sure shot". I chose "sure shot" and then the next screen I see that my "critical aim" is about to be changed. There is no option to cancel completely. So now I have been forced to change a skill which I actually really liked. Is there a way to clear up this mess without waiting a few more months to attempt a reroll that may never get me what I'm looking for?


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    try to contact the in-game support. they might or might not be able to help.

    most probably you by mistake clicked on the wrong trait to reroll.
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    I contacted support but all they said was that they can't Roll-Back a character. I still feel like there was no way I could have clicked that trait (critical aim), as it was all the way at the top of the list, and the one I was changing (defensive stance) was at the bottom. Not to mention, I literally got done reading the description of that trait (defensive stance) which I had selected before I clicked to roll. The description for Critical Aim never came up. The next screen only showed me 2 traits to pick from, with no indication -which- trait was being changed. I assumed it was the one I pressed. That was the only opportunity to click cancel, but seeing as I thought everything went the way I planned, I agreed to the roll change, but the next screen shocked me. It was a different trait and one at the completely opposite end of the spectrum. I have no idea how it would have been selected. 

    What sucks is that it took me forever to
    A: Find a hunter with the majority of traits I wanted that includes Critical Aim (stun)
    B: Save up enough dice
    C:  Save up the hunter tokens

    and now... I get a reply that basically just tells me I'm SOL. With all the time I spent on this, I think I might just be done. That is a giant kick to the stomach and I am now realizing what a waste of time it all was. If it were my fault, I'd take the mistake, but I seriously can't imagine how I would have pressed a wrong button at the other side of my phone, and somehow never changed the description from Defensive Stance to Critical Aim. 

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    I can feel your pain. Shitty situation. 
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    Yeah, it sucks. As someone who also works with game devs, I understand them saying "we can't reproduce it", but I also know that it doesn't mean there's not a problem somewhere, no matter how rare a fluke. Due to the fact that they can't change the skill back or at least refund the tokens/dice, I actually uninstalled already. I'm not going to risk wasting that much time again. I had fun while it lasted, but I think this is my eye opener to move on. 
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