What are your top 3 features/situations that piss you off the most in NML?

ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89

Other than grinding and spending tons of money, what pisses you the most? My top 3 would be these:

 3. Gas

Whenever I’m playing missions and having a good run, example Challenge missions, suddenly I have to stop because… I’m out of gas!! It’s so frustrating when my good run is ended by this and I’m not buying gas with real money.

 2. Threat Counter

I hate it when the threat counter says 2 walkers but it ended up more than 2 appearing after the timer hits zero. It happens so often there are always more than what is indicated. Devs, do you know how to count? If you are going to show threat counter in a mission, then show the exact number of walkers that are actually coming out.


1. Common and Uncommon Equipment

I am most pissed whenever these two types appear during reward crates. They are utterly useless. No one uses them. Not even worth my effort to scrap them but I have to because it’s unsightly. They cost less than the EXP obtained directly from the crates.



  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 681
    The way the harpoon charged attack works in front of a metalhead is what irks me the most. I have shot so many dud bullets at oil barrels and walkers due to this.
  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 671
    1) That stupid Burglar mask trait on Armor!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 Any time I get Legendary Armor in the Trade Goods shop, I always dread this trait showing up!!!

    2) When making badges and I have all but one slot to fill for a certain Hero and the remaining 5 are all the SAME set with the SAME teamate bonus, it's almost a sure bet that the following next 20 badges you craft will not be of the slot you are missing and if it's the same set/teammate bonus, it will be in a slot you've already filled!!
    For example, I have 5 Legendary badges for Carol ( all the same set which is "C," the star shape ---2 Damage, 3 Critical Damage---and all of which have a bonus with Ezekiel as a teammate) and I need is to fill slot #5 with one more Legendary Damage Badge with Ezekiel (or a Warrior) as a teammate to make Carol's badges complete..... The very next Damage badges I craft resulting in either Ezekiel or a Warrior teamate as a bonus, will either be in any slot but 5 and if fits slot 5, it will be a different set!!!!  Granted, I AM ENDLESSLY GRATEFUL FOR THE RECIPE FEATURE but there needs to be a way to change the slot/set of a particular badge.

    3) Outposts with Carl as a leader!!!!😡😡😡😡
    I'm guaranteed to have two of my characters die when raiding such a post!!! If only I had that extra badge to complete an entire set as described in my aforementioned #2 above complaint, then delivering a fatal blow thus making Carl's leader trait futile by inflicting the desired high damage would allow me to win more often when raiding Outposts where Carl Grimes is the leader!!!!!!😠😠😠

  • SparrowMervSparrowMerv Member Posts: 73
    1. The punisable events. You have to be high leveled (which i am now) and if you make 1 mistake in the whole month, it will not get you the final reward. I've been playing every day getting tokens and you can barely make it to 3k, now i have 25 tokens short on getting Shane. Even though i resetted the distance 3 times after completion instead of 2.
    2. Fast walkers with aids. Never again am i gonna do that shit again. They have probably ruined this whole month for me trying to get to 3k tokens. Month wasted and ruined. Not to mention the resources i've put in this event. It pisses me off to no end since i was so close!
  • Deathwish19Deathwish19 Member Posts: 2
    The top three things that really piss me off in this game I love can be rolled into one: the pitiful weapons in the “reward” crates. Whoever perpetuates these constant insults needs a crash course in customer service. It is so stupid!
  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
    edited August 2020
    1) That stupid Burglar mask trait on Armor!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 Any time I get Legendary Armor in the Trade Goods shop, I always dread this trait showing up!!!

    @MudMoccasin you have a very interesting top 3 items which piss you off. For me, the wrestler trait is not as bad as the dreadful Training Gear on Legendary Armor. I have been getting that on my legendary armors too often but it is not my top 3.

    Hey guys, have you tried Grim Quest? If you bored waiting in between events, try this game and tell me how is it. It's an old-school dungeon game and imo, it's not bad.
  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 82
    1. pissed we didn’t get a 1/2 gold for distance with origin campaign going on, have in past!
    2. To much gold dumping(distance reset cost, guild gift cost, badge cost, guild war injury cost,Most ridiculous is to pay to recruit we should be getting rewarded for that one! is in NG best interest for ads and improve player satisfaction connecting with good guild improves their revenue! 
    3. Hate same hero in 2 classes ! While I understand approval and data goes into the making of rather disappointing would rather wait , along time coming For Shane but Syked! Syked for bruiser hero as well but def stronger characters from show than t-dog but better than dual present hero,
    4. Phones & tokens /4 tokens in trade good ridiculous at lev74 when you need over 2000!!!! Think it’s time to tier that for higher level players if you want to keep interest alive can be quite discouraging isn’t even decent bundles and based on luck when you roll come on NG can do better!!
    5. Not as big as other but hate that bundles seem to be lacking for the charged hero of the wk

  • WahooDawgWahooDawg Member Posts: 471
    1. Outhouse. 
    2.  Distance. 
    3.  Outhouse and Distance. 
  • Marcus6253Marcus6253 Member Posts: 221
    1. Waiting 1 hour between season missions
    2. Waiting 1 hour between season missions
    3. Waiting 1 hour between season missions.
  • Marcus6253Marcus6253 Member Posts: 221
    There is a bug I have noticed almost since the beginning of the game that the threat counter will not show an image for the starting threats.  For example, if the threat counter starts at 3 those three are hidden so that as threat is added, say two more, the fourth and fifth show up after the first 3.  It looks like there are only 2 but in reality there are 3 the first 3 are hidden for some reason.  That may explain why you're seeing threat counter problems and can be overcome by always counting from the left of the threat area even if they aren't showing. 
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 572
    1) That stupid Burglar mask trait on Armor!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 Any time I get Legendary Armor in the Trade Goods shop, I always dread this trait showing up!!!

    The Wrestler trait is brilliant for Scouts/Hunters/Shooters

    They basically get grabbed instantly at higher level and this will save you big time. 
    It cost me a GW mission once not having it. Biggest error from me. 
    When you can’t reach the walker and you are desperate. Grenades don’t solve it, but with Wrestler you can fix the error. 
  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 986
    1. Overwatch breaking herded status
    2. GW maps being so dark that you don't see the fences

    Ingame username: Jubjab
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,468
    - Outpost being completed abandoned with a hell mode full of misconceptions like Guild Wars taking up all of NG's focus;

    - The ever increasing gambling factor in the game, making it more and more a Interactive Jackpot Machine;

    - The stubbordeness and greedy "I don't care" attitude that has plagued NG since the game early days. Although it has improved dramatically, this reflects in lots of in-game stuff, be it unbalanced after mission crates, radio dilution, ridiculous time for healing etc.
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    I ❤️ EVERYTHING about this game. That's why I took out a 2nd mortgage and used the $38,570 to be the best zombie killer in the world! 

    Ain’t no f***** way lol

    gotta invest in that $2 gas and run it lol 😆 Ball out playa, let me hold sumthin 
  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
    edited August 2020

    3)  The dream challenge still not being a thing or even an announcement as to winners or any real timeline whatsoever.  

    I believe there's only 1 programmer or at most 2 who are working on NML designs and updates nowadays. Since there is a long list of stuff needed to be added and updated, Dream Challenge will most probably be pushed further down the list. I stop being sarcastic about their manpower some time ago.

    Hopefully, the results will come out in Sep/Oct in conjunction with NML's 5th anniversary. <finger-crossed>

    Anybody knows the exact date of the birth of NML? Is it different for both iOS and Android?
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