Use a pre-determined set of classes in special missions

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Some human classes are not often used for certain reasons (e.g. weak LTs, increased threat count). Thus, I have a suggestion to 'encourage' players to use more of the classes (namely Shooter and Warrior). 

For special missions only:

1. When you click on the green "Select Team" button, you will see 3 slots of heroes/survivors.

2. With some programming, link a slot with a chosen class. If the current hero in that slot is not from the chosen class, then the entire slot is shaded red. 

3. You can link one slot or all 3 slots, up to the mission objective. This will 'raise' the difficulty level and would be a nice challenge for experienced players.

4. If all the slots are correctly linked, they will be shaded green. The player can then press the "Start Mission" button. If not, the button will be grayed.

If you want existing players to use unwanted heroes more often than never, you can also link a particular hero to a slot. Think of the returns by doing so.
But only apply it to special missions, not all missions.


Note: I know most players will not be on-board with this idea. It's just a suggestion in a suggestion thread. For all those unwanted heroes and classes!!


  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 572
    I always like the idea if you combine Hero’s in the teams you get special bonuses. 
    As an Eg. Maggie/Glenn, Rick/Carl, Daryl/Merle

    Would help the use of characters we don’t use often for a cool bonus. 
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