Guild Wars - Major score and attack count problems.

ElJakkerElJakker Member Posts: 7
edited September 2020 in Bug Reports
I just started Guild Wars, was playing level 4B for starters and could see myself constantly still play after finishing an attack. I simply continued playing another 3 attacks as I've seen this happen a few times with other players of my team still playing an attack in a level while actually already having mentioned in the chat they needed to heal their survivors and were offline, but this never happened to me yet.

VP + Reward points didn't get counted either so I tried to restart the game 3x and after the 3rd time it even refused to load the guilds and had to restart it again.

Now finally after having restarted the game 4x it stopped showing me still playing an attack after finishing it and counted the score, but I lost 3 attacks to absolutely nothing !!!

And of course that gives a very bad score in comparison to my usual score, which is not good for the time.

What the bleep is going on?
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