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Have you seen Pain Walker's review on NG's half yearly report? If not, check out the link below:

Credit goes to Pain Walker. Please give him a thumbs up for his effort.

The DAUs for both TWD games are not looking good. During this covid period, the numbers should be higher but sadly it's not. I hope the drop in DAU of NML is not a bad sign for things to come. If they are keeping the entire staff from last year, then they most probably are allocated to the 2 upcoming games.

I don't think there's any worry for NML yet. The game will still be around for a few more years. But for TWD Our World, yes.

I would suggest NG to produce their own turn-based zombie game without the licensing agreement with AMC. With this, they can get 100% of revenue. My last few posts in this website will be my idea for the new zombie game. WIP.
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