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Hi, while I’m not playing I sometimes like to think about things I would change or about new things I would add if I could and I came up with an interesting idea to make Tara a better hero.
I feel like the main problem with Tara right now is that she doesn’t benefit much from her own leader trait. If we build her offensively she doesn’t benefit from her leader trait because she’ll struggle in one hit and if we build her defensively, she can’t take as many hits as a Bruiser or an Assault because she’s in a low health class and she doesn’t have access to Hazard Suit and she can’t protect herself with stuns like they do. 
Here are the solutions I came up with:
1. Change her leader trait to this: When Tara uses a Charged Attack a Small MedKit is added to your tool bag. The Small MedKit replenishes {20-38%} health and can only be used until the end of your turn. 
2. Buff her Base Health and give her access to Hazard Suit.
Why do I think these changes would be good for her?:
1. The leader trait change would allow us to build her offensively like the other Shooters and still benefit from her leader trait.
2. The change to her Base Health and giving her access to Hazard Suit would make her more viable built defensively.
3. Players would have the choice to build her defensively or offensively depending on the player’s play style. 
4. We’d have the freedom to heal whoever we want, if we want to give 3 Small MedKits to 1 hero we’d have the freedom to do so. 
5. She’d be a good pick even when she’s not the leader. Exemple: You could take Sasha (Leader) Eugene and Tara and gain some Small MedKits to give to Eugene. 
Side note: I think creating leader traits around the tool bag is a cool and fun idea.
Hope you like my ideas 😊


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    They adjusted Tara and made her LT bring you back from bruised to green and keep 3 stars. 
    Where beforehand it would mark you as bruised in challenges. 
    You are actually making her like I have wanted for the game to create Hershel. 
    Make him a Medic and stand next to people and use his LT but not take away his actions so he can still move. 
    Make him a Bruiser as well, I think he would be used a lot if that happened. To have that in your wall would be awesome!!!
    Throw him into range and he would gain dust like the rest. 
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    So Hershel's LT would be "Leg up", a passive boost to health% and a minor heal when using charge attack for any hero adjacent?
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    I see a lot of players here who’d like a Bruiser version of Tara. I think if they were to do that, the Bruiser would have lower heals or if he had good heals, he’d need a drawback to keep him balanced.
    Something cool that I’d like to see on Hershel would be something like this:
    Hershel can interact with a team member that struggled to bring him back to yellow/green health and heal {0}% of his health. Hershel gains a charge point every time a team member struggles. 
    This way since he won’t heal often and you need to reach the teammate to heal him, his heals can be pretty huge. The charge point could help him reach his teammates, especially with a free attack weapon.

  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 148
    So Hershel's LT would be "Leg up", a passive boost to health% and a minor heal when using charge attack for any hero adjacent?
    Something like that would be interesting to, but, instead of healing when using a charge attack make it so he heals adjacent heroes every time he attacks. That way we’d have consistent healing and we wouldn’t have to rely on charge attacks like a lot of other heroes.
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    I've been thinking over some ideas to improve some ranged heroes LT, and Tara was one of them. The idea I came up was this:

    Tara's Charge Attack heals her for X% of her Health. If Tara is adjacent to another survivor while using a Charge Attack they heal for (X/2)% of their Health.

    This will allow her to still be useful as a glass cannon as she can provide support to her allies. Also if she is standing next to two survivors then they will all heal.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 761
    Also, I think Hazard suit is definitely coming as a trait to all ranged armor. NG has already released an assault armor and a hunter armor already. My guess is that HS will be added to armor we can get from crates in the next update. It's time for that to finally happen.
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    So when she uses her charge attack instead of just healing herself you’d gain a small med kit that would let you chose who you want to heal. 

    That’s a very cool idea!!
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