Bleeding Armor

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Hello all,

recently we had a challenge with the fast walkers and when we would get hit we would bleed. 

I was talking with @Jackin and thought it would be awesome if we could get a new trait a bandaid and the result would be less bleeding per each hit! I welcome all feedback on this and hopes next games will consider this an option in future upgrades.


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    Yes, I’ve been thinking about it recently and the most annoying thing about spiked walkers is that we have nothing to counter them. 

    I Think I’d like to see; 

    A new armour trait: Chance to avoid bleeding
    40% (Silver), 60% (Gold) (Maximum 75% with lucky)

    A new tool: Bandage: Stop bleeding and heal 5% health.  

    The bandage could be a more common tool that we could receive in post-mission crates, distance or challenge.
  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 149
    They were supposed to discuss adding something to T-Dog’s leader trait. Maybe they could add that he takes less damage from bleeding.
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    Yeah! Why not!  :)
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