Weapon idea: Leaf Blower 9000 for Hunter!

Leaf Blower 9000

The idea is to get walkers away from you with
a small amount of damage on a normal attack in the beginning.

At a normal shot the walkers gets pushed back 3 spaces away
from the hunter that uses the Leaf Blower 9000.
The hunter weapon has a "widespread" trait like assaults. It starts
with something similar to the "cone-shaped" shotgun radius up to
around 46-47 degree angle from gold widespread.

 (Perhaps realizable in the sense that the Walker walks 3 fields far in the opposite direction,
not really "blowing away" since that might not be codeable.)

Any normal shot hitting a walker will charge the special feature.
Similar to the function of shoter Rick, but you get a charge point
for every walker you have touched with the "blow" (not killed completly).
Something around 6 "charge points".

Charge attack: (Charge points needed 2-3 ?) 

Releasing a massive blast wave and depending on how heavily the
weapon was charged, the damage increases by a percentage of [X%] amount of walkers you blown away before.

1 walker = 10% of the walker levels health (or different percentages)
2 walker = 20%                                 ""
3 walker = 30%                                 ""
4 walker = 40%                                ""
5 walker = 50%                                "" 
6 walker = 60%                                ""

After the charge attack was used the charge attack is set back to [0].
The charge attack ignores every walker type. Walkers that are not killed by the blast, will get pushed for 2 spaces.
If there is not enough space behind a walker, the remaining space will be filled with walkers.
(When they already at the outline of the map etc..).



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