No Man's Land 2 game

The following is my suggestion on a new No Man's Land 2 game, for the future. My target audience is mainly NG. It's a very long article but anyone can read through it if you have the time. I hope someone will come up with their own ideas as well. It's fun to read.

Game Title: No Man's Land 2 (without the ‘TWD’).

Mode: Turn-based (quite similar to old NML gameplay)

Since the main series of TWD on TV is ending with Season 11, it is best not to continue with the licensing agreement with AMC after S11 has ended. For NML2, there will be no more favorite heroes like Eugene, Sasha or Rick. Instead, you get to customize your own survivor's appearance and rename them accordingly, if you want.

Quite a fair bit of gameplay in NML2 is similar to the old NML. This includes most of the buildings in Sanctuary.



- No survivor classes. All Survivors are classified under Human.

- Each Survivor comes with a set of randomly generated main stats (see below).

- The first time you gain a new Survivor, the main stats will be the base stats. Only 'Age' doesn't change. All other stats can change.

- When you first start the game, you have five Survivor slots but you only get one Survivor with one trait. This trait is called Primary Trait (PT).

- Subsequent Survivors are obtained by saving/helping them during missions or by buying them later. They too will each have one Primary Trait initially.

- You may dismiss any Survivors deemed weak (due to a lousy base stats). In return you get some reduced gold, based on the Survivor's Value.


Main Stats:



Body Weight (BW)

Level (LVL)

Health (HP)

Speed (SPD)

Initiative (INI)

Accuracy (ACC)

Weapon Proficiency [WP]

Traits [x5]

Value (VAL)


$$: You can use Gold to increase number of Survivor slots.

$$: You can use Gold to generate more Survivors randomly until you get the ultimate hero.

$$: Monthly sale of special Survivor with predetermined and slightly better base stats. Only cash transactions. Customization for this survivor's appearance is not allowed including Survivor Name. This is to ensure everyone is aware of this Survivor with better starting stats during Guild Wars.



- Age is randomly generated and will be fixed forever for each new survivor gained.

- Age in this Game ranges from 18 to 68 years old only.

- Age is divided into 3 categories namely inexperienced, experienced and elderly.

- Inexperienced are Survivors aged 18 to 25.

- Experienced are Survivors aged 26 to 60.

- Elderly are Survivors aged 61 to 68.

- Age will affect SPD, INI and ACC only during missions.

- In Sanctuary, Age will affect several things. Example, if you assign an Elderly to a Tent, the Tent will give more EXP. If you assign an Elderly to a Workshop, the equipment can be upgraded faster.


Body Weight (BW):

- BW is randomly generated and will be fixed forever for each new survivor gained.

- BW is calculated in kg at 2 decimal places.

- BW ranges from 40.00 kg to 100.00 kg.

- BW will affect SPD and INI indirectly.

- BW can be lowered slightly by one method i.e. using slimming pills (temporary, use before enter mission).

- During missions, it will not be obvious between a heavy and a light Survivor just by looking at them.

$$: Sale of slimming pills in single or bundle. Gold or cash transactions.


Total Weight (TW):

- TW is the sum of the BW and the Weapon and Armor Weights.

- TW is calculated in kg at 2 decimal places.

- TW will affect SPD and INI directly.


Level (LVL):

- Survivor can be upgraded up to level 100 (can be increased during Council Updates).

- Each upgrading will definitely increase the HP. The increment is not a fixed value, but within a range of values.

- Each upgrading will also slightly increase either the value of SPD, ACC or VAL. One will be chosen randomly.

- The higher the level, the more Health you will gain.


Health (HP):

- HP is randomly generated for each new survivor gained.

- HP can be increased later by upgrading your Survivor or by equipment.

- Age will not affect the HP.


Speed (SPD):

- SPD is randomly generated initially and the value will be modified by Age and TW of each survivor.

- The older and heavier you are, the slower you become.

- SPD will affect INI.

- SPD can be slightly increased by upgrading your Survivor or by equipment.

- SPD can also be boosted slightly by one method i.e. using adrenalin syringe (temporary, use before enter mission).

- SPD is calculated in speed units (spu) up to 2 decimal places.

$$: Sale of adrenalin syringe in single or bundle. Gold or cash transactions.


Initiative (INI):

- INI is randomly generated initially and the value will be modified by SPD of each survivor.

- INI is affected indirectly by Age and TW.

- Higher SP will increase INI.

- INI can be slightly boosted indirectly by adrenalin syringe (because it affects SPD).

- All Humans (Survivors and Raiders) and all Zombie classes have their own INI. Fast zombies have high INI.

- INI is very important during real-time Guild Wars. It determines which Humans / Zombies will move first in a turn-based game

- The higher the INI, the earlier your survivor will perform an action or actions for each turn.

- INI has no units and is calculated up to 2 decimal places (round off value).

- If you are using 3 Survivors during a mission, all three will have different INI.


Accuracy (ACC):

- ACC is randomly generated initially and the value will be modified by Age of each survivor.

- ACC can be slightly increased later by upgrading your Survivor or by equipment.

- The older you are, the less accurate you become.

- ACC is calculated in %.


Final Accuracy (FAC):

- FAC is determined by incorporating ACC with the Weapon Accuracy and Weapon Proficiency.

- FAC is calculated in %.

- FAC will affect Final Damage on target. Final Damage can be in the form of piercing, slashing or crushing, depending on the WP.


Weapon Proficiency (WP):

- Each survivor has only one WP randomly generated. This means he is better in using that weapon. He can still use other weapons but not as good.

- There are 4 types of WP. They are Assault, Bombardier, Shooter and Close Combat.

- Assault are those which can cause Area Attack with ballistic ammo to targets (near or far) per turn. Examples like LMG, Shotgun and Assault Rifles.

- Bombardier are those which can cause Area Attack with thrown or launched objects to targets (near or far) per turn. Examples like Grenades, RPG and Molotov.

- Shooter are those which can attack individual target or targets in a line with ballistic ammo (near or far) per turn. Examples like Hunter Rifle, Harpoon Gun, Crossbow and Pistol.

- Close Combat are those which can attack adjacent targets (with some exceptions). Examples like Sword, Baton, Chainsaw and Throwing Knife.

- Slashing, piercing and crushing are primary mode of damage. Burning, poisoning and bleeding are secondary mode of damage.

- Assault and Shooter with their corresponding weapons cause piercing damage.

- Bombardier causes crushing damage.

Close Combat causes slashing, piercing or crushing damage, depending on the weapons used.

- WP will increase FAC.

- WP comes with a % boost for FAC, which in turn, affects Final Damage. The boost ranges from 10 to 20%. This % is randomly generated and is a fixed value.



- Each Survivor has 5 traits.

- A Primary Trait (PT) is randomly generated when a new survivor is gained.

- There are a total of 20 PTs in the data bank and all of them have equal chance to be chosen.

- The four Secondary Traits (ST) are obtained by upgrading the Survivor.

- There are a total of 25 STs in the data bank.

- PT will not duplicate until you have multiples of 10 Survivors. Example, if you currently have 13 Survivors, then you have a chance to get only 1 Lucky Dumpster. But if you have 22 Survivors, then you have a chance of getting 2.

- The upgrading of PT and ST is similar to NML.

- The maximum level for each Trait is 10.

$$: Changing of Traits (PT or ST) by using tokens which can only be obtained by grinding, gold or cash transactions.


Value (VAL):

- VAL is calculated in Gold and it's quite high. This is the 'worth' of the Survivor.

- Each Survivor has a starting VAL randomly generated when gained.

- VAL will be affected by ALL the other Main Stats.

- VAL can be slightly increased later by upgrading your Survivor.

- VAL is NOT affected by the Weapons carried or Armor worn.

- VAL is important when you want to sell your Survivor to other Guild Members (seller gets gold) or dismiss the Survivor (player gets reduced gold).

- Upon each sale, Buyer will receive the Survivor, Seller will get 40% of VAL while the Game will get the other 60%.

- The Game receives higher % to deter unwanted or illegal transactions. Middlemen are sons of beetles.

- Seller will receive higher % of Value during the Guild Nation Sale event.

- Buyer only buys the Survivor, and not the equipment. Buyer must have the required gold before any transaction can happen.

$$: For every sale, 60% of gold will be taken by the Game as commission.  

Match Value (MVL):

- MVL is the combined value of VAL and the values of the weapon used, the armor and all the upgraded equipment traits.

- MVL is important to decide who is your opponent in a 1v1 real-time Guild War. The Game will compare the MVL. If two players have the same MVLs or the values are within a small range, then they will be paired for 1v1 battle.


Survivor Customization:

Survivor Name

Shape of Head

Hair (including beard and moustache)





Colour of Hair

Colour of Skin

Top half of clothing

Bottom half of clothing

- Customization only applied to head (for avatar) and clothing, not the height, the waist etc as these are fixed and not noticeable during gameplay.

$$: Sale of unique presets of the above such as new head, beard, clothing etc in single or bundle. Gold or cash transactions.


Additional Info on Survivors:

- Opponents in Guild Wars can see the avatars of your 3 fighting Survivors.

- Members in same Guild can see the avatars and stats of every Survivor of other members (permission must be given).

- Members can purchase Survivors from other members provided there is sufficient gold from the buyer. Weapons and armor cannot be traded between two players.


I apologize if there's some errors in the article. I don't proof read the 3rd times.

I think there's enough here to get the point across to NG. I will stop here unless...

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