put a bundle in the shop this minute and take my money!!!!!
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    As you wished. There is bottomless (we don't know the limit of bundles to be bought) bundle in the shop.
    NG will do everything to get more money. Even if it ruins completly the Guild Wars competiveness.
    @Fluxxx passed the information that tools will be limited.
    The thing is that they are limited mostly for people that are not paying with real money.

    2 nades and 2 medkits per week free.


    2 free nades and 2 free medkits.
    extra 6 nades and 6 medkits for gold.
    Newly introduced bundle with tools and gold in unlimited ammount.

    Well done NG. Well done.
  • 3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 259
    There was already one bundle in the past with 8x8, for sure purchasable twice. Another one, while GW was running, and now another one.
    = 48 Grenades, and 48 Medkits advantage so far..

    Well done.

  • grzechExpgrzechExp Member Posts: 49
    and No


    As long as there won't be any usage cap in GW i say NO to increased number of tools in game. Still afordable player will have more of them.
    In my perfect world GW would be completly free from tools.
    Let them be in challange where they would work well with gold healing etc.

    I would love to have GW pure.
    I would love to have GW equal (as statet by @Karajoca in another thread) so that each duel have the same set of maps (kill all, g2exit, .....) and in perfect world also starting positions of zombies would be equal.
    And no tools. Even capping them to 1 use per game would mean that you can you up to 36medkits and 36nades per WAR. Impossible in Play for free model. Possible in paid model.

    I simply would love to have some game mode that is as close to equal chances as possible. (as close as possible because we all know grinding is faster with gold but that i can live with)
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    There are people who buy grenades and still lose in GW, let NG make some money.
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    Buying tools is only a problem when there’s only 1 or 2 players completing high level sectors. They’ll eventually run out of tool and if they want to continue carrying their team they’ll have to buy some. On our team level 39-41 missions are split between 3-4 players. We never run out of tools and we never buy any with real money. 
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    Guys/Girls- I’m just having some fun k. 
    It was just a bit of tongue & cheek like a week ago when I ran out. That’s all’s 
    Have a good day :) 
  • 3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 259
    Maybe you did not understood my post. It was more a critic for NG. Makes the Leaderboard to a farse with people having like 50 more of each tools from just buyin' at this point. :smile:
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