3.10 Defenders Update Notes

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Defenders Update video:

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Defenders Update Notes



6 maps based on some of the nostalgic Origins season missions: 

  • Bonfire
  • Campsite
  • Paradise Lost
  • Gore
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door
  • Man with no name

Dream Challenge Pt.1

The fruits of the Dream Challenge have dropped! 

Due to an overwhelmingly high number of excellent submissions, this is only the first round of winners! We will continue to evaluate the submissions and bring you more Dream Challenge sets in the future. For the 1st part of Dream Challenge, we went with an indoor theme.

This highly anticipated mapset consists of the following submissions from the community contest:

Hell Judges by XeRo
Day at the office by Carly
Escape by Aretemis
Building Blocks by Dave Chen
Attention Class by JordanYuki
Jailbreak by LootHoarder/Artminius

The winners will be awarded 300 Radios, 1000 Gold, 200 Reinforcement tokens, and a weapon of choice!



The campaign for the Fall is the Harvest Season. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

The highlight rewards are: Daryl's Assault Rifle (Assault Weapon) for 2000 Fall Tokens and Spiked Kingdom Shield (Bruiser Weapon) for 3000 Fall Tokens.

Token collection table:



New game mechanic that enables you to push your enemies away. 

How it works:

  • Targets can only be pushed on non-bodyshot attacks

  • If the pushed target collides with an obstacle, such as a wall, they will get stunned

  • If the pushed target collides with another enemy, both of the enemies will get stunned

  • Push works on all types of enemies, however the stun resulting from collisions will not affect stun-resistant enemies


weapons WEAPONS

New Weapon: Daryl's Assault Rifle (Assault)

Special Functionality: 

Charge attack roots all targets for 1 turn (while rooted, the targets cannot move). If the survivor using this weapon makes an attack before moving on their turn, they may make a Quick movement after attacking. This weapon does not generate walker threat.

Charge Attack: 

Roots all targets for 1 turn (while rooted, the targets cannot move)

New Weapon: Spiked Kingdom Shield (Bruiser)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks in a two space arc, covering the spaces to the front and front-left of the survivor. Non-bodyshot attacks stun and push targets back 1 space. If the targets collide with another enemy, they also get stunned (as long as it is not stun-resistant).

Charge Attack: 

Damage and stun every enemy adjacent to the target

Weapon Change: Chainsaw

  • Primary attack changed from single target to a normal 3-space arc
  • Charge point requirement reduced from 3 to 2
  • Charge attack changed to "Whirlwind" - a 360° attack around hitting all enemies around the survivor. 
  • No longer generates threat

 Weapon Change: Shane's Buckshot

  • Charge attack is no longer blocked by Metalhead Walkers


Weapon Change: Spear Gun

  • Both the normal and charge attack shoot through Metalhead Walkers


 Hero Change: T-Dog 

Beat Em Up now adds an extra attack on top of the Punish trait, instead of stacking damage.

Hero Change: Glenn

Lucky Dumpster now stacks with other traits that grant extra action points, so activating Swift Strike/ Tactical/ Cold-Blooded no longer disables the extra move and attack from Glenn's leader trait.

Clarification: Opening a crate after activating Tactical / Cold-Blooded will still allow Glenn to attack one more time.  

Hero Change: Alpha

After activating from a bodyshot, Cold-Blooded now allows her to move 1 space further than before.



Fast Walkers no longer cause bleeding on attacks. Instead, they are now able to retaliate survivor attacks. The retaliate applies to any attack made during the player's turn, including Prowl attacks - the retaliate attack will stop the survivor if it results in a struggle.

To make them more distinguishable, they now wear shorts with a yellow stripe unlike any other walker.

Fast Walker overview:

  • Retaliates attacks from adjacent spaces (1 per turn)

  • Moves 3 spaces

  • Has 20% less HP than a normal walker



The new council level increases the max level of the Workshop and Training Grounds. The maximum level of survivors and equipment is now 28 and 31, respectively.

Additionally, a Radio Tent upgrade to level 12 is now available at player level 72 - generates a free 3-Star Radio Call every 7 days.

Building upgrade timers and costs are reduced

  • The maximum upgrade time reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours
  • Most upgrade timers and costs have been reduced by 40%-60%, depending on different levels
  • Latest Council, Workshop, and Training Ground upgrades cost 13 million supplies
  • Latest Radio Tent upgrade costs 10 million supplies

Survivor and Equipment upgrade timers reduced 

  • Equipment and Survivor upgrade timers reduced by approximately 30%
  • Max Equipment upgrade time is 14 hours
  • Max Survivor upgrade time is 16 hours
  • Gold costs of skipping the upgrade remain the same



New option to reroll the slot, set, or bonus of a badge using reroll tokens. If the badge has no bonus to begin with, there is no option to reroll it.

Each part of the badge can be rerolled individually, but the cost will scale with each reroll of that part. Any badges can be rerolled at any time.

Clarification: Rerolling the slot of a badge will only increase the cost of the next roll of the slot, but the cost for rerolling the Set and Bonus will remain at the base cost unless they are rerolled as well.



Co-leader guild role

Guilds now have 4 different types of roles: Member, Elder, Co-leader, Leader. The Co-leader has nearly all permissions, but they cannot promote themselves to Leader, nor others to Co-leader. Only the Guild Leader can appoint Co-leaders.

Elders can no longer kick members out of the guild.

Inactive Leader demotion

Guild Leaders who are inactive for over 14 days will be automatically demoted down to Member. Leadership will then be passed on to the Co-leader with the most stars acquired in the guild. If there are no Co-leaders present, then a person would be chosen from the Elders, then Members (if there are no elders) with the same rules.



Set up three different teams, as well as their equipment for your Guild Wars defence. 

When the defence is set up and saved, the game will take a snapshot of the teams to be used in Guild Wars. 

This means that any changes to the survivors used in your teams, such as trait rerolls and upgrades, or equipment changes will not apply to the defence unless they are saved again, so you are free to play them and change their equipment as normal.

Note: When selecting defenders, their HP and Damage will show the amounts with Badges, however badges do NOT apply to defenders.


The Guild Shop now features weapons with a 4th infused trait. They act and function like regular traits, therefore they are affected by Lucky. Infused weapons are available exclusively from the Guild Shop.

Note: Special functionality weapons will still be sold in the Guild Shop


Guild Wars gas is now used for replaying Guild Wars Missions. The new option comes with a few rules:

  • A mission can only be replayed with GW Gas once
  • The option to replay is only available on the "Failed" mission screen, and it has to be played with the same survivors and equipment
  • The cost of each replay within one battle will scale up - each replay in the same battle will cost more than the previous

Note: Players who have Guild Wars Gas from the original Guild Wars, retain amounts that have been accumulated. Additionally, the update gift will contain some GW gas as well.


  • Mission objectives are more streamlined and simplified in order to avoid particularly difficult combinations.

  • Optimizing enemy generation to avoid excessive enemy spawn.

  • Adding a new mission objective: Kill The Tough Walker (Kill Boss and Exit)

  • Fast Walker can now be found in GW missions

  • Each terrain (Junkyard, Forest, Sanctuary) is assigned a pool of Walker types that can appear. (Clarification: If Spiked Walkers are not in the pool of walker types for Forest, they cannot appear in any Forest maps)

  Guild Wars map lighting changes

Sanctuary maps in Guild Wars are brightened for increased visibility




💬Other Changes

1- / 2- / 3- star equipment drops are removed from missions of level 18 and higher (Except equipment scavenge missions)

Piercing trait values increased from 10%/20%/30% to 20%/30%/40%

Aaron, Alpha, Beta, T-Dog, and Shane Tokens are now added to the standard Radio Call list, as well as daily quests, token crates (Challenge), and the Trade Goods Shop token selection

Aaron Tokens replaced by Alpha Tokens in the Distance Hard mode

Medkit now removes bleeding and burning effect

Walkers no longer ignore stunned raiders

Punish does not trigger while camouflaged
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