Nation Wars 5 - December 2/2020

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Nation Wars 5 - Dec 2/2020

Looking to submit a team for your nation, or looking to get in contact with the leader of your nation please contact : @lola_rennt or myself and we can help with this 😊

Current Nations Participating: 
Australia 🇦🇺
Austria 🇦🇹
Benelux 🇧🇪 🇳🇱 🇱🇺
Brazil 🇧🇷
Canada 🇨🇦
China 🇨🇳
Czechoslovakia 🇨🇿 🇸🇰
Denmark 🇩🇰
Finland 🇫🇮
France 🇫🇷
Germany 🇩🇪
Hellas 🇬🇷
Japan 🇯🇵
Mexico 🇲🇽
Poland 🇵🇱
Russia 🇷🇺
Spain 🇪🇸
Sweden 🇸🇪
Switzerland 🇨🇭
Taiwan 🇹🇼
UK 🇬🇧
USA 🇺🇸

More info coming soon ...
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  • CarylCaryl Member Posts: 28
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    Nation Wars 5 is finally here! 

    When: Week of December 2/2020

    Nation Wars 5 - Rules: 

    * 1. Real Guilds Only 
    * 2. Team NATION = Guild Name (Ex.: Team CHINA) 
    * 3. Add #NW5 in guild description
    * 4. Players must be born or living in the nation they play for 
    * 5. Pirates can have 1 player per nation
    * 6. Nations can have fun teams (Ex.: Team USA 2) 
    * 7. Small neighbouring countries can ask permission to create a regional team
    * 8. Players that received a ban from NG during and after NW4 will not play in NW5 
    * 9. If a player is banned from NG for cheating during NW5 the player is disqualified and their score removed * * * 10. Every player accepts with their participation the " Nation Wars Fair Play Policy“

     * Nation leaders are responsible to check player nationality and location. All players must verify location if asked. 

     *No "fun" teams will show up on NW5 Championship poster.

    *Thank you @KeepGen for the amazing work with the Nation Wars Posters*
  • lola_renntlola_rennt Member Posts: 23
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    Important for all players who will participate:
    The leaders of the teams have decided the (approved by 🆖) 

    Nation War Fair Play Policy:

    All NW5 players agree, that they will not use any exploits or any other illegitimate methods to get an advantage over other players. 
    If a player will be caught in violation of this fair play agreement, they will face long term suspensions. (8 weeks for first time violation, life long for second violation)
    All players accept this agreement automatically by joining an official country guild during NW5.

  • CarylCaryl Member Posts: 28
    For any country not currently represented that is  interested in submitting a team or if you are interested in  joining a team and looking to get into contact with the team leader please feel free to comment here or message @lola_rennt or myself and we can help you :smiley:

    There are also forum posts for specific countries available under the nation wars discussion that will also assist with this :smiley:
  • The_DaneThe_Dane Member Posts: 1
    Im in...add me to the Danish team
  • willd79willd79 Member Posts: 1
    add me to the UK team please!
  • taghittaghit Member Posts: 5
    Add me to spanish team
  • Sweetmelissa82Sweetmelissa82 Member Posts: 1
    Add me to team USA please
  • IMBEAUDIMBEAUD Member Posts: 2
    Add me to the French team. 
  • StefanVagnerStefanVagner Member Posts: 1
    Add me to the german team
  • kris8kris8 Member Posts: 5
    Hi, how it works? Do I have to leave my current guild (temporarily) to participate in GW? 
  • TubbsTubbs Member Posts: 1
    add me to the UK team please!
  • johnmcginn77johnmcginn77 Member Posts: 4
    Hello Caryl

    Please could I be added to the UK team?

    Many thanks

  • MinKhanMinKhan Member Posts: 8
    Im from Vietnam, any regional team here ? I wanna join the fun :hushed:
  • lola_renntlola_rennt Member Posts: 23
    Please all
    have a look if you can find your team here:
    (Then your team will find you too)
  • GundavGundav Member Posts: 1
    Add me to team UK please. 
  • downeyansdowneyans Member Posts: 1
    Add me to team Russia please!
  • osna1976osna1976 Member Posts: 1
    PLZ Add me to Team Germany 
  • lola_renntlola_rennt Member Posts: 23
    Please all
    have a look if you can find your team here:
    (Then your team will find you too)
  • RealfariRealfari Member Posts: 1
    I am Realfari. Add me to the spanish team please. 
  • Stone_Man66Stone_Man66 Member Posts: 6
    @The_Dane it doesn't work like that. We have a FB and messenger group, you should join those. NML Danmark (FB) and danmark nation war, please join for further information.
  • JimSDaavis980JimSDaavis980 Member Posts: 1
    add me to the Danish team.
  • Stone_Man66Stone_Man66 Member Posts: 6
    @JimSDaavis980 it doesn't work like that. Join the danish fb or messenger group for further information. Look in this thread for names.
  • Pavel1609Pavel1609 Member Posts: 1
    Add me to team Russia please!
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 616
    You don’t all get a team need to qualify and be in top 20 for where you live usually.  Unless it is done differently than previous years. The team captain will let know.  Need to post you stars challenge prior and hope in top 20. 
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    This is competition made by players @ssdd_069, and don't know what is not clear , guild can be made of 20 players, so best 20 from each country are able to qualify
  • ajsanchezajsanchez Member Posts: 3
    Add me to team México
  • GlitterbugGlitterbug Member Posts: 1
    Usa please
  • Windsong451Windsong451 Member Posts: 4
    Plz add me to team USA!! Love TWD NML !!
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 190
    Difficult getting contactet all norwegian guilds to start a team Norway.... !?

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