New ideas for next year !

Hi everyone,
After a solid success of my first letter that you can check here i decided to strike again ! :)
Most of this requests are implemented already in game and i am sure we have attention from @Fluxxx so let's please keep going with nice ideas and suggestions here in this thread and one day we can maybe see those in action  :)
I'll start with few of mine, please feel free to either agree/disagree with me, i accept critics, comment, elaborate, add your ideas ( I will leave room to edit, and add best ideas on top of thread) - Let's put everything on one place and show developers how much potential this game has !
Please note :  This are my personal views of the game and suggestions how to change. Ideas i mention might be already brought up by another player, let me know if you notice. It's not my intention to take credits for anything nor expect from NG to listen and do exactly as i say. In fact, i would be happy if at least something of this we are able to see in future in similar form. I just want to play the game i like, and have fun 
Changes/improvements/re-balance i would like to see in 2021 :

1. Re-balance of classes.
2. Making non-hero survivors useful again
3. Continue changing Leader Traits of old heroes
4. Add New resource(s) to the game & What to do with Trade Goods ?
5. Help players(especially newbies) to find right guild for them early after registration
6. Make challenge more interesting
7. Guild Wars improvements
8. Visual recognition in game. Guild Trophies. Bigger Leaderboard
9. Just few more ideas to consider
10. Other Small changes & improvements
11. New ideas reached after discussion
12. New ideas reached after discussion
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  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
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    5. Help players(especially newbies) to find right guild for them early after registration
    When players try to search for guild they get 20 random guilds to choose(few advertised ones), or option to type name of guild :|
    When Guild try to search for members they can only advertise for 50 gold and await random joiner that most likely won't be what they expect.  :#

    Karajoca's suggestion how to solve the problem : 
    Change this by adding just two questions for both player and guild when searching for eachother :

    While advertising
    need to fill in :
    How many stars per week they expect from new recruit ? ( leave room for 4 digits to manually add or let them choose circle numbers 100/200/500/1000 etc.)
    Is Guild Wars participation a must from new recruit ? (Answers offered simple "yes" or "no")
    Advertise cost 50 gold, and has no time limit - it should end when guild accept 1 new recruit

    When go into searching tab don't offer any random guild to him/her until they answer :
    How many stars per week they can promise to new guild ? (leave room for 4 digits to manually add or let them choose circle numbers 100/200/500/1000 etc.)
    Do they expect to play Guild Wars (Answers offered simple "yes" or "no")

    When player answer this questions, game is searching for 20 ADVERTISED guilds who are "best matches" . To be a match, GW requirement must be same answer for both, then is searched for closest answer about stars
    Other ideas to solve the problem ?

    Idea will be posted here

  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
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    6. Make challenge more interesting
    I have a strange feeling about challenge. I can't say that i enjoy it, but can't say i am hating it as well.
    Good things about it is definitely Master Missions solved lot of problems, Gas economy is working quite well(maybe helping that i am not playing distance all the time, hoard gas on monday-tuesday instead) 
    "Only" problem is boredness, we all get into some kind of routine doing this, i am feeling like it's something "i must do" to not disappoint guild instead of playing because i like it. 
    I don't want to change anything about it how it currently works (although Round Passes are something to discuss)
    But, I want to propose adding something to this mode to make it more interesting. I call that addition "Side Quests"

    What is Side Quest ? 
    We play sets of 6 missions every week, we search for most suitable team on those maps and go as far as we can.

    Well, side quest would be have to be done on one of those maps but with pre-determined team of heroes, decided for that week.
    Less popular heroes that are left in dust, nobody use them,they are simply not good enough, let's face it, no improvements to their leader traits can make them as powerful as most popular ones
    Now we would finally have a reason to work on them, use them a little, instead of running same team over and over again for whole week.

    Side Mission would have to cost less gas because there is no need to again make problem with gas economy and players might need few repeats to pass it ( it will be harder then normal ones for sure)

    Still, this would be, as name say, something "on a side", optional, can be ignored if player doesn't like it, not a must do to complete round. 
    I guess it can only work as it was working in old format, where progress on each mission was separated and you could reach different difficulties on all 6 maps
    So, side quest would start at level of your survivors and can be played up to level 50. Since it's only 1 mission, stars would have to be doubled or tripled to make any sense 

    This is my proposal instead of trying to make challenge go beyond level 50. There is no need for that. Player who complete level 50 already proved a point, tactics used on 50 would be used above that, and those tactics are over-played, one dimensional, boring and take a lot of time (Sasha&Assaults, build a wall while killing tough walker beyound wall , or pre-charge/Stun(dodge if needed) rush to exit, worth mentioning that herding with Beta is another master tactics and refreshment but not enough variabiles on those levels for sure)

    Game is most interesting ( and may i say, most realistic ) on early 40 levels, for most users, and even those who can play above 50, would like more to try something new like this then bother repeating same things over and over.
    Consider please, and comment this one. Point out mistakes or add ideas
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
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    7. Guild Wars Improvements

    My posts about this mode can be found all over the forums. Latest, i suggested brand new format

    If this is impossible to make or unnaceptable for most of the community i step down and will stick to current one.
    But i will address most important problems and propose small changes over and over again until it comes to acceptable level for me 

    Problems :
    1. Tiers are just wrong. 120K VP for Master Tier is a joke that is almost reached by some guilds after 2 wars.
    Will be reached by the end of season by ~200 guilds putting them in tier they simply don't belong and possible match against top guilds
    2. Top guilds manage to avoid eachother easy through whole season by consistently changing number of players they enter battle.Destroying on the way, smaller guilds way under their league. This matches shouldn't happen
    3. Playing with 3-6 members per team is serious lose of Reward Points compared to playing with 10, while playing with 10 has smallest potential when comes to total VP reach over season. I just want confirmation from NG is this working as intended and won't change in future or will, finally, something i am moaning about from beginning of this format be re-balanced ?

    Requests most players think are needed ASAP :
    1. Fix the number of "kill all walkers" missions appearing in highest "sanctuary" sectors. Can't be random, some guilds get 0 of this missions in 6-H while others can get 5. And just like that we have solid difference in VP made on leader board decided by - luck. Limit of 2 of this missions in each sector, in every battle, would be reasonable.
    2. Fix the number of Tough Walkers needed to kill in "Kill Tough Walkers" missions. Some get only 1, some get 3. I think it would be fair if we always have exactly TWO of special type walkers to kill.
    3. Limit the number of tools single player can use during battle. Things are just getting ridiculous with this
    4. Allow going backwards to sectors 3-F/3-E when completing starting 4-F, or make map full from 1-6 for all routes(A-H) More options are always better, IMO, and battles less predictable
    5. Consider opening full map for one season(or one war) like suggested in another thread to see how it works
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
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    9. Few More Ideas

    New Class : Sniper
    Has ever considered to add new class ? Is it possible or we are forever stuck with 6 we have?
    If possible here is my suggestion :

    New Building : Armoury

    I mentioned adding new resources to game. This can be for armoury. Or we can simply use tomatoes in it. 

    However, i definitely don't want to make all this ideas even more in favor of players who pay. Please, if you consider this,at least for something don't let someone buy infinite boosts, it's meant to be occasional thing, few times per week, during most important missions.

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  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    10. Other Small changes & Improvements
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    Reserved for later
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,212
    edited November 2020
    I am readying hahahaha...definitely think Piercing should be built in to all hunters/shooters but maybe full piercing that goes up as you increase the level of the character so we can have the trait spot for something else.  This would be just like infused traits on the weapons but on all characters.

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  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    Ok, i think i am done  :D 
    Few ideas left out (for now) i don't want to add everything, before seeing reactions

    I hope i have opened new horizons with this posts, to both players and developers, have fun, use imagination, something good can always came out from simple and healthy conversation !
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,587
    Wow! Great reading @Karajoca! I like a lot of these suggestions. I am already looking forward to 2021 just to forget the crappy 2020, so any game improvements would be icing on the cake. :lol:
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,294
    Comment on the hero leader traits

    Notice how three of the top four help you get charge points in some useful way

    I think a lot of the rework and new Heroes need to focus on this if they want to have any chance to be viable

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  • PastePaste Member Posts: 827
    Damn. U crazy @Karajoca! I might never find time to read this and for sure won't agree with it all, but very impressed with the depth and details :smile:
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  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    @ATLAS-Z that's very true, yes. I do think that not every hero should be like that, must be some better then others, what i hope is to point out those heroes on the end of table and give them priority in re-balancing. Some will get to yellow, some to green, but it's a start :)

    @Paste man, now when i login on phone i see what i did  :D was much better looking at PC. must edit some posts or nobody will read  :disappointed:

    Excellent @JayZ that's exactly what i need! Soon as i have time will add your ideas up there! 
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    I’d love a limitation on the amount of times a person can play 1 map. Then the game would show more skill and not just repetitiveness & gold to get you that ideal map layout and critical hits or RGG charges etc etc
    But let’s say you complete a map 1st attempt and move to the next one, you get the carry over “swords/attempts” as such. 
    So for 6 maps you get 18-24 attempts.
    If you can’t complete in that amount allocated you continue to the next set and move on. Obviously not receiving the round points unless you do all 6 missions to some degree 1-3 star. 

    You would see a lot of new names on the LB. 
    This idea will never happen though. As NG would only see it as taking away a gold opportunity the get. 
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,470
    Carl, Negan, Dwight, Merle, Rosita, Jerry and Ezekiel have the best traits for Outpost and Guild Wars defense. The problem is that we don't see this work, neither those game modes / scenarios are interesting, and they are all broken from bad coding or lack of interest from developer. NG could work on these aspects instead of changing hero traits.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,184
    Personally I believe rebalancing of classes and reworking hero LT's would be up there amongst the top of the list. The reason for this is it actually affects some of the other items in the list, certain challenge maps have had new life breathed into them with PGG's trait buff for instance. It changes the way the maps are played and makes old maps fresh. At the moment you could literally never use a shooter and get by perfectly fine. The more you balance the classes, the more options we have the more interesting the challenge becomes. I don't expect too much to change at RSL50 but it would be cool to be able to run an all ranged team that wasn't Sasha and assaults at RSL45+.

    After that the GW changes mentioned would be 2nd on my list. As mentioned, most of the top guilds currently mix up their teams to maximize points and also to avoid difficult matchups. Guilds finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on can go an entire season and never face each other. Guilds fighting 4x10 can't compete. I think more could be done to balance this.
  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    Thank you @Fluxxx for fast response and detailed answer  :)

    I am aware of those limitations mentioned and like i said don't expect all of this to be implemented in game. It might look a bit messy out there now, all thrown in at once, will work to make it more clear so we can get more people involved in discussion. 
    Point of this thread is to see what other players like the most and prioritize so you, developers, can have idea from where to start. I am sure you were already considering something of this just don't have time for all, so hope this helps :) 

    If you ask me what is most important from my posts, i'd say Focus on re-balancing the game. Make everything useful, because i don't think it's good for business to have so many content, heroes and even whole class laying in the dust.
    All of my ideas actually came from thinking of re-balancing,
    i mention tools that can only be used by specific class - maybe that's how you can re-balance shooters. Can't do it with traits ? Give them tool that only they can use

    Or let us craft/forge those few missing % we miss to make them stronger and use at certain time when we think that will be useful. 

    Not working and nothing can make them useful? Well, nevermind then... accept the faith, they cannot be used in Guild Wars/High levels of challenge because there are better options so give us something like Side Quests (maybe not exactly in that form, it's just idea) but the reason for us to use all the content we have 
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,212
    Agree that rebalancing the classes is key to everything going forward.  Shooters are a total waste and sasha LT is the only redeeming strength of hunters.  The main issue is lack of killing power while causing more threat, a definitely big boost to piercing and an overall bump in damage would be a good start.  The throw in more dependable way to silence would be awesome.
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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,111
    I’m not sure if it was mentioned but one thing you could do to balance ranged is to get rid of their ridiculous bodyshot modifier. Why would a bullet bodyshot do less than an knife bodyshot. This should have been done at the same time razer was introduced and would be a quick win as can’t believe it would be hard to code. 
    That with a boost to piercing would make shooters much more viable particularly shooter rick. Also yes sureshot should have a damage mod/piercing buff . Your standing still and taking time to aim it makes sense.
    Lastly charge points are key. It’s why SR and Sasha are king and queen of the leaders and RGG is used so often at high level. Maybe something can be done to help ranged get charge points or retain charge points, other than those leader traits? 
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,294
    edited November 2020
    I would love to see Shooters get 2 attacks every turn not just on a charge. 

    And charge attack just gets a massive damage boost (x2.5) instead of an extra third attack

    Edit adding... 

    And all shooter weapons get tactical movement (ala winter bow) as a standard , not special functionality. 

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  • Austin_ShiongAustin_Shiong Member Posts: 24
    It's simple to make Carol useful, all NG need to do is making her LT work individually, which means that once her LT kicks in, it will ignore any body shot. This can not only bring Carol back to the battlefield, but save all the critical-hit-related traits like accurate.
  • hunter_xhunter_x Member Posts: 388
    Oh boy, that's alot of ideas
    I'll never be able finish this game
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