How about another 'Dream Challenge'!

3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 259
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I think the community enjoyed to creating maps including myself. So what would be better in the freezing time than trying to create some more cool ideas. Maybe this time with the theme of 'winter', 'snow' since it was part of the show and we had now an indoor part and with the second 'Dream Challenge' an outdoor part.
The FreezingCold Dream Challenge
The Winter Dream Challenge
The Snow Dream Challenge .....
something like that :lol: 

I would enjoy to think about some new maps for that... maybe others feel the same?



  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 149
    Yes, I’d love to create some more maps. There’s a huge difference between the player I was when the first challenge started and the player I am now. I’m sure I could come up with way better map ideas.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,186
    Yeah this was a fun event and I think the community really got into it

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