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Ok, so I know that the challenge starting level is based on your top 3 heroes. I'm currently leveling up to lvl 22. I'll  be hanging here for a while upgrading my camp, and ive already got some great stuff upgraded at this level. I want to bring 1 hero up to level 23, increasing my hard scavenge which I prefer while getting an edge in the challenge.  My only concern is guild wars. I want to be as competitive as I can.   

My question is-  how is guild wars difficulty calculated? Will my difficulty increase by 1 level when I bring someone up to 23? Thanks in advance for any response (and tips) !


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,856
    GW difficulty is calculated the same as the challenge. I played a couple wars with 2 survivors at 28 and the starting level was the same as if I had level 27 still, it wasn't until the 3rd moved up that it changed. Gear on the other hand will move your starting level up instantly if you do that first.

    My advice would be to move two heroes up and leave the rest at 22 until you catch up. Probably Rick/Sasha and your best bruiser, whichever your preference.
  • SpadincoSpadinco Member Posts: 21
    Also make sure you have a scout and a warrior leveled up when you accept the new weapons for HellFrost.  The level of the weapons you get depends on your highest in that class.
  • ScottyJScottyJ Member Posts: 37
    Thanks, that's what I thought. Looking forward to having a few special weapons too as I'm not working with anything special other than Daryl's Assault. Missed the shield because I didn't restart the distance and I was pretty fresh to the game in the fall. That said,  If the new stuff is worth reinforcing ive got plenty of work to do. That's part of the reason I'll need to do well in guild wars.  I'll be focusing on reinforcements and tokens rather than getting special weapons until I can max out my favorite heroes of each class. I'm only about 4 months in and getting to level 22/23 so I'll keep grinding as much as I can to get up there!
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    Honestly you need Morgan’s staff. 

    Leave does not matter. As point is to stun and not kill. Any bruiser weapon level can be low, it’s actually kinda preferred for stun walls. It’s also a game changer for bruiser class.
    I would max out your farm plots first. If you are gonna hang at this level till ready for next step without spending then Farm Plots need maxed. If you are gonna spend then the storage needs to be maxed so when you have full supplies for 9.99 you get the most 

    other thing is eventually you will need to dump XP. Dump it in weapons then on a 2x event and you are ready to level up you can then dump the weapons and quickly build up heros especially if booster and 5 second upgrades.

    If it was me I would probably level Eugene and your number 1 scout. Someone said Sasha but her purpose is to body shot to charge. So her being lower isn’t bad. 
  • ScottyJScottyJ Member Posts: 37
    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking about the staff and spear, I hadn't purchased yet purely due to reinforcement cost. Its definitely tough knowing all the awesome weapons are out there and working with none of them! So far I'm free to play other than random double xp or full gas here and there. I'll definitely get some weapons eventually but I'm trying to get closer to max level as quickly as possible first.    As for bruisers,  I realize now that I should have been using more radios to target them, as a result I'm working with RGG  as my main guy with a non hero one as well getting all the class tokens and haven't unlocked the others yet to avoid needing to level them the whole way up. 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    Eugene is the best bruiser in game but needs completely rerolled.

    That’s smart to not unlock heros I wish I did that now so many sit on bench and collect dust. 

    Your mains are:
    Eugene/Rick/Sasha/HD/RG/*abe* or really any assault
    Then second tier is:
    beta/abe/Shane(he got used a lot this week) Michonne/Tdog or Morgan, Shooter Rick. 
    Third tier 
    Gabe(set him up like a bruiser and open gates) pizza Glenn perfect for certain maps, Carol sometimes nice to have 3 scouts and use her with prowl. 
    4th tier:
    keep on bench and hope they get a good buff
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,880
    Like @Drunken said Farms first as a top priority is something we forget about but it's very good advice

    To reach Max you have to upgrade everything in your camp so making Farms a priority means they will be working for you while you try and upgrade everything else

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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,856
    Personally I'd put Beta in top tier. There are some maps that his LT is by far the most effective way to beat and there's usually at least one map per challenge, if he's sort of in between I think the morning star will definitely get him there. Shane is another hero that is somewhere in between, the damage his trait can do is by far the strongest in the game at the moment. You get a killing blow to a tank and anything in it's range is dead. I managed to take down 8 tanks in one hit on BBQ last week. PGG is higher tier I think, again there are some maps where his trait is game changing. I guess the main thing stopping him from moving up is it literally makes no difference whether he is level 1 or 28.

    The rest is spot on.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @WellyLuga that’s for high level gamers pushing the max, but when just starting out do you really need a level 8 perfectly rolled Beta or PGG? 

    I was breaking down importance of not only to use but to reroll. Beta you can use at 4*. It’s easy for some of us max levels to say this or that. But when you are a F2P and toons are still level 22 it’s a completely different game. I agree with Shane but again you were probably rooting the fatties something a F2P might not have yet. I agree on Shane he made an impossible map very possible and one of the easiest. 
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,868
    @Drunken you’ve missed Haggie off the list, she’s at least a tier 3 although I’d put her at tier 2 personally. 
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,856
    edited December 2020
    No arguments there, you can use him at 4* but I just think he's a top tier hero that was all. I'd certainly class him as part of my A team. He's not exclusive to high level or for P2P strategies, he's just a really strong hero that can get you through some tricky maps and for others like train wreck and forest farm it's god like. Whatever end of the F2P/P2P scale you're at. He's maybe not as important as a Sasha, Eugene or Rick but I'd put him pretty close, I think he gets overlooked as he's a more advanced hero to use and most the vids you see are at 50, doesn't mean it won't work lower and the sooner you learn to use him the better :smile:

    Haha true, harpoon cost me money but Daryl's rifle didn't! :lol:
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Firekid Haggie is good, but I do feel Rick took her spot and so seldom do you use two shooters. I use 10* haggie over Rick cause 10>7 lol 

    @WellyLuga haha daryls riffle I had to buy a second one. I ran 2 assaults and fire on BBQ but seen the Shane vids. 

    I have a junior account the amount of Re Roll tokens needed is sickening 🤣
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,856
    @Drunken I think it was the first time I had used that rifle since the dream challenge map, as effective as it was there was no way I was buying a 2nd one that would join the 1st one on the shelf for the next few months. Even if it was NW, besides it was much more fun seeing the mass fatty explosion :lol:
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @WellyLuga I wanted to hold off on second one till they had one with lucky, but I caved cause I wanted a second shield so I got it lol. At with assaults they are a lot like bruisers and you don’t need to leave their weapons lol 
  • ScottyJScottyJ Member Posts: 37
    Lots of great advice and I thank you all very much.  I'm currently working mostly with Maggie, PGG, Governor (farm team)     Sasha, Abraham, RGG, Shooter Maggie, Scout Rick, Scout Darry, Survivor Bruiser.
    I have other heros unlocked that I rarely need,  wish I hadn't before levelling up.   I haven't unlocked Michonne or Beta but did unlock Jerry, Ezekiel, Jesus early on (whoops). As a result I haven't been spending time and xp upgrading warrior equipment to save xp and get higher faster.   I'm thinking now with the morning star its time to unlock Beta and start using him at level 22 with the morning star.     I'm managing to hit 1k stars now without spending money for gold, so I imagine I can only go up from here as I get better weapons and my survivor level moves beyond 22.
  • ThanosOfTitanThanosOfTitan Member Posts: 296
    I agree Rick has taken haggies Spot especially if you have not got her up to pink star, end gamers have a different problem like firekid has as he has got his shooter up to a great level before the Rick changes 

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