3.12 HellFrost Update Notes

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HellFrost Update video:

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land HellFrost Update Notes


Dream Challenge Pt.2

The second part of the Dream Challenge is here! In contrast to the first part, this one has an outdoor theme 

This highly anticipated mapset consists of the following submissions from the community contest:

Heard it thru the grapevine by Carly
Secure the lodge by Rapitinui
Rescue Operation by Verdao1914
The Future by Zurich / Verdao 194
Gates of Hell by 3vilrine
Cable Ties by Johnny_B / arqbs

The winners will be awarded 300 Radios, 1000 Gold, 200 Reinforcement tokens, and a weapon of choice!



The campaign for the Winter is Cold Steel. As usual, you will be able to collect seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

The highlight rewards are: Morning Star (Warrior Weapon) for 2000 Winter Tokens and Crescent Edge (Scout Weapon) for 3000 Winter Tokens.

Token collection table:



New Weapon: Morning Star (Warrior)

Special Functionality: 

Damage the target and every enemy adjacent to it. Non-bodyshot attacks push targets back 1 space. If the targets collide with another enemy or an obstacle, they get stunned (as long as they are not stun-resistant). Enemies that collide with a pushed target also get stunned (as long as they are not stun-resistant). The main target is never a bodyshot on your own turn.

Charge Attack: "Bonus Attack"

Bonus attack which inflicts guaranteed critical hit

New Weapon: Crescent Edge (Scout)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks in a two space arc, covering the spaces to the front and front-right of the survivor. After killing an enemy, regain an Action Point once per turn

Charge Attack: "Brain Stab"

Guaranteed critical hit. Deals extra damage.

Note: The extra Action Point does not apply to Prowl 

Weapon Change: Bayonet Musket 

  • Primary attack changed from single target to a piercing attack that can hit up to 3 enemies (like the Kingdom Spear)
  • Charge Attack damage scaled up to match that of other scout weapons

 New weapon Version: Winter Harpoon Gun (Hunter)

Special Functionality: 

This weapon does not generate walker threat. Charge attack roots single target for 1 turn. While rooted, the target cannot move.

Note: Initially, the Winter Harpoon Gun will feature exclusively in Winter Holiday Deals.


Toolbag  TOOLS

 Blast Grenade 

Equips Survivor with a blast grenade that hits up to 9 enemies. Hit enemies are pushed 1 space and stunned if push leads to a collision. Deals a flat damage rate + 10% of enemy's health as damage.

Cooldown: 4 Turns


Equips Survivor with a flare that once thrown, attracts nearby walkers. Provides vision to nearby tiles.Lasts for 2 turn(s).

Cooldown: 5 Turns

 Pile of Gore

Makes your Survivor undetectable to walkers for 2 turns. Decreases Survivor's movement distance.Actions other than moving break the Gore effect.

Cooldown: 4 Turns



Available as a new tab in the shop, Black Market is unlike any other shop in the game. It features 3 random heroes, each coming in at a different time of the day and staying for 24 hours. Each hero offers different items and resources to trade, and also wants different items/resources in return.

While any hero can feature in your Black Market, having that hero upgraded to certain star levels will open up more trade options.

Every trade that is made in the Black Market will earn you Black Market Tokens, which can be exchanged for additional items.

Players can refresh their visiting heroes to new ones in exchange for gold. The refresh will restrict the last 10 heroes that you've had in the Black Market.

Note: Trades made using Black Market tokens do not give you any tokens in return.



3 Modes

Distance is getting a third difficulty mode that unlocks at CL 25 - Nightmare Mode, that starts from level 25 to 52, and features improved rewards, such as Tools, Alt-hero tokens, latest hero tokens, legendary components, and more.

The general difficulty of Normal and Hard modes are decreased:

Normal Mode: Unlocks at CL 8 instead of 12 and starts at difficulty 6 instead of 10

Hard Mode: Unlocks at CL 15 instead of 18 and starts at difficulty 15 instead of 18

*Placeholder rewards

Boost Option

An alternative to Distance Resets, the Boost option doubles all of the Distance rewards you've earned so far, as well as the rewards of the upcoming missions.

Activating the Boost disables the Reset option, and vice versa.

*Placeholder rewards



Reroll results of badge attributes are now restricted to facilitate getting the desired outcome.

Set/Slot rerolls: Previous results are now restricted until all of the options have been cycled through. After that, the restrictions are reset

Bonus Condition rerolls: Previous 10 results are continuously restricted.

Clarification: The restrictions don't work retroactively, so reroll results prior to the update will not be taken into account.




💬 Other Changes

Tools have been added to Daily Quests as a guaranteed reward (A quest with a Tool as a reward will be available everyday)

Infused Armors available in the Guild Shop
20% VP Penalty for retrying failed missions using Guild Wars Gas
Sector Bonus displayed on Guild Wars scoreboard
Improved combat text popups for increased visibility
Max difficulty of the Master Mission raised to 54 (regular missions are still capped at 50)

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