Looking for Evil Minions

Calling all Minions!!

Walking Minion a small guild who has been together since 2016.  We are now looking to expand. So if you are looking for a ground floor guild to build with and evil enough Walking Minion is for you.

All we request is that you participate, 100 stars per challenge. We have not participated in Guild wars but that could be a possibility. 

Contact [email protected]


  • ObsidianRogueObsidianRogue Member Posts: 3
    Casual guild is looking for minions. Come join us - Walking Minion
  • ObsidianRogueObsidianRogue Member Posts: 3
    Come join a small guild on the ground floor. Casual group who will support all. Walking Minion is looking for you. 
  • JohnGDonkeyJohnGDonkey Member Posts: 24
    I have 2 accounts looking for a low pressure guild. Not sure if I am a minion but if you want a Donkey?! Haha 
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