Add daily streak rewards, or some other type of incentive to complete your daily quests everyday.

I believe there needs to be some more incentive to complete all of your quests everyday. I know theres the crates you unlock from gathering tokens completing a variety of the tasks. But you don’t have to complete all of them to get them. Adding in daily streak rewards would be a really cool way to incentivize players to complete them all. Having a system that would give player better rewards the longer the streak would be nice as well, with the highest reward maxing out at a week to prevent it from being overpowered. A really cool reward idea I had would be the “tool bag” that would give players a variety of tools. It could be something as simple as a golden crate, or maybe black market tokens. If the reward system is too much to add to the game a simple yet cool addition would be to just add a daily streak counter. That may be enough to incentivize some players. If anyone else has a suggestions or ideas about this feel free to share.
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