Survivor Use Tokens

Add a feature that tracks survivor use and rewards it!  Earn one survivor token per use. Every time you use that survivor on a mission you earn one token. For non-heros you get one class token. True Experience Points. A method to assist us in upgrading our survivors.  

Z Hunter


  • SinclairCupcakeSinclairCupcake Member Posts: 12
    I like the idea of getting rewarded for using survivors. I think rewarding people for killing a certain number of walkers with that survivor. For example, every 100 walker kills you get a token. This would reward people for actually using the survivor rather than just having them on the team. Even without the reward system, having an option to see how many missions and kills a certain survivor had would be a simple yet cool addition to the game. They had a system like that for the memorial back in the day, but your survivor had to die to see it.
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