Weapon 3.5 perk

Not so long ago, a lot of weapons with 4 perks appeared in the game. They are suitable for any of the class for which this weapon was created. The proposal is to tie the same fourth additional perk either to the hero's leadership ability, or to one of the usual hero / survivor perks. For example Michonne. Katana Michonne, on which the fourth perk increases the chance of threat reduction. Or Morgan the Bruiser, for him a staff with an increased chance of charging point recovery. Only for Karl you don't need a pistol to increase the triggering of his leadership trait, he is already indestructible lol. Yes, anything, in fact, you can think of, even armor with an increase in the chance of evasion, although this will be imbalanced.
P.S. Yes, this is somewhat reminiscent of the mechanism of the Luck perk.
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