New walker ideas: wet, toxic, shaman and suicide walkers!

1. Wet walker is a new type of special walker which is harder to deal with than a metal head! It is covered by white nonflammable sticky liquid on surface so burning it is a bad idea.
A wet walker has the same health and damage as a metal head walker in the same level does.
Moves only one space per round. Attack from it stuns.
Any attack on it has 20% higher chance to be body shot. Ranged attack damage resistance 50%. Melee attack resistance 20%. Stun resistance 100%. Root resistance 50%. 50% chance to avoid being set on fire. Buring damage resistance 50%. Automatic recovery from incendiary status after one round
Suggestion: avoid encounter or kill it with Huntsman Daryl and Beta little by little.

2. Toxic walker is from a bio-chemical laboratory with great danger of toxic pollution! It is surrounded by green gas and it will remain green fluorescence on its activity area.
A toxic walker has the same health and damage and moves as a spiked walker in the same level does.
Stun resistance 100%. Survivor standing by or walking by it and standing on or walking on its previous standing trace in the last 3 rounds will be stunned (a burning toxic walker leaves such trace lasting for only one round). It will also remain a stunning area in adjacent range for 3 rounds after death (one round for a burning one). Survivor attacked by it will be bleeding. No struggle round but instant death for survivor who loses all the green health bar. 
Suggestion: take stun resistance armors and keep away from it; kill it with SashaHiltop Maggie and hunters or assaults with rooting or incendiary weapons .

3. Shaman walker is carring high density of spores of walker origin! The hard purple fungus growing on it is good for walkers but infective for human.
A shaman walker has the same health and moves 3 spaces per round as a fast walker in the same level does.
Adjacent walkers around it will recover 5% health per round and stop burning, unless it (shaman) or they (adjacent) are stunned or rooted. A shaman walker cannot be healed by itself, but can he healed by another shaman walker nearby. It attacks and retaliates in 3 spaces of range by vomitting spores to target survivor and adjacent human and causes 50% damage as a melee attack does with threat. It can also have melee attack and cause normal damage without effect on adjacent human.
Suggestion: kill it first of all with Shane, Sasha and Rick with incendiary weapons; keep the team separated and away from it; never try to kill it with scouts or warrior unless do it instantly.

4. Suicide walker is similar to grenade walker but only explode when it meets human! The orange dynamites tied around it is not activatable by ranged attack or fire.
A suicide walker has the same health and damage and moves as a grenade walker in the same level does.
Flame causes damage of its 25% health per round. Death of flame does not cause explosion. It explodes as a grenade walker does if it is adejacent to a human in both their turns or human's turns. Walking by it also activates explosion (even if Huntsman Daryl and Beta). It cannot explode in a stunned round. Flare can cheat them to explode.
Suggestion: set fire on it as soon as possible; use pile of gore and flare if necessary; stun or root it with ranged classes; exploit freemen if available.

5. Alert walker is very annoying and makes noises once it moves! Its blue siren attracts walks nearby and draws threats faster.
A suicide walker has the same health and damage and moves as an armored walker in the same level does.
Ranged attack on it has 20% higher chance to be body shot. Its initial status in mission must be unaware and motionless. Once it is disturbed, it will immediately turn aggressive without being wandering. Any of its motions (including being knocked back and tracking corpses) makes all the adejacent enemies (including the ones walked by) be aggressive and quicken the countdown of herd refresh by one. 
Suggestion: stunroot or block it with other walkers to make it quiet; try to kill it in one action with Survivalist Rick; reduce threat on time with Michonne or scouts with threat reduction; gain charge point with Rufus.



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    Thx, but no thx.
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    I reckon you don't play any high level missions 🤣
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    LMAO!!! @NerfZone187

    I couldn't wait for the ending. :wink:
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    LMAO!!! @NerfZone187

    I couldn't wait for the ending. :wink:
    She ticked 4/5 of @Timyun boxes 🤧
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    This a marroba2000 said:
    The game needs a positive message.
    I think NG should add mask wearing walkers, vaccine walkers, and socially distancing walkers.
    If she is a walker, I will never finish the mission. 

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