Walker Pit/Outpost max level

Please allow to level up the walker pit beyond current maximum so we can level up walkers to scale. 
I made the mistake of adding walkers and can't win on the defense as a result even if I max out the walkers level there.
Now all attackers have a feast and charge up before encountering my team.
If not, at least let us sell walkers or something.


  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,459
    I honestly don't understand why NG refuses to do anything with Outpost.

    It's clear that they don't wanna invest resources into a mode that does not bring any income, as it has been completely abandoned.

    But tweaking some values? It can be done in minutes and will probably be enough for a while.
  • akanailakanail Member Posts: 19
    True and annoying.

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