Guild Chat Enhancement - Personal Mail

As a leader of a small guild I do often miss the option to personal mail a member. Especially if there is a reason to caution someone because of misbehavior, bad style of play etc, I would prefer to contact directly and not to put him/her public in a bad light via the guild chat.

Some of you might argue, there are other options to do so: a whatsapp group or a clan website for example. But as I wrote in the beginning: we are only a small guild and most of us are old-fashioned guys, so we want to use in-game mechanics to communicate.


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,504

    People always want more from the in game chat. 

    Other people complain that the NML app is already too big. 

    If the app jumps up significantly in size, they immediately cut off a bunch of folks with limited storage space on their devices. 

    I agree that some minimal improvements could be made tho

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