• MaidenlairMaidenlair Member Posts: 3
    I would love to join this event. But, for the life of me, I can't figure out how!🤪
  • Lady JLady J Member Posts: 227
    edited February 2021
  • MaidenlairMaidenlair Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Lady J. Think I figured it out. I should be signed up now!  🤩
    Lady J
  • Panda2406waddellPanda2406waddell Member Posts: 10
    Hi I’m wondering if I can join your guild for female empowerment. But don’t know what to do?? I clicked the link u said for https: and ect. but it lead me to a ad for phone chats and ect. Please help.
  • Lady JLady J Member Posts: 227
    Hey @Panda2406waddell 🥰 Happy that you will join us! Sent you a dm with informations 😘
  • Le_MatLe_Mat Member Posts: 222
    Hi, @Panda2406waddell! Yes, that's correct, Line is the app we're using for communication. Many are using it for the first time, it's a safe service where your phone number or other contact details are not made public 😊

    Try to download it to get to the group chat. If you require further assistance please let us know!
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  • congratulations to the Ladies :smiley:
  • phoenix67phoenix67 Member Posts: 1
    I still don’t have a response to my signup.... help please?
  • Francine1022Francine1022 Member Posts: 3
    Still waiting on my response also
  • red111red111 Member Posts: 1,037
    HI @phoenix67 and @Francine1022!  I sent you both a pm on how go join!  
  • Francine1022Francine1022 Member Posts: 3
    Already sign up have not heard from anyone
  • red111red111 Member Posts: 1,037
    @Francine1022 check your private message from me with the line link to join us!  Once you install line and join that link I sent you will be rest of the way set up with us.  Thanks
  • HelmsHelms Member Posts: 4
    I joined the Guild for girl power got a new phone lost the link chat I was in Had to create a new link sign in now I can’t find the girl power chat I was in
  • red111red111 Member Posts: 1,037
    @Helms rejoin this link (it's the filter chat again) and once you're in just let us know it is you and we will add you back to the official event chats:)

  • ChrisScorpioChrisScorpio Member Posts: 49
    BloodyChainsaw сказал:
    Отличная идея и большое событие для женщин NML. Настоящая благодарность NG за поддержку этой концепции и всем организаторам. Веселитесь, девочки 🙂

  • FunnyBunnyFunnyBunny Member Posts: 2
    Sorry, is it too late to join now?
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    Had this thread assumed my sexuality??
    today I want to identify as a female
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    ATLAS-Z said:
    Had this thread assumed my sexuality??
    today I want to identify as a female

    I would wager that, if you were sincere, they would accept you. If not, maybe not the place for this type of wise crack bud. (we can go grab a beer and chat  ;)

    To me, girl power isn't just about women standing up, it's about anyone, anywhere, not allowing themselves to be a victim.

    I think it's great this event, for them and for the community. 
    Clearly just some tongue and cheek champ. 

    I agree with the event but statistics show more violence happen towards men. 
    Reported or not. 

    Girl power event is very clear for Girls to stand against violence towards themselves. Not anyone! 
    If I was to have a man power event I am deemed sexist and ignorant. Obviously I disagree with all unnecessary violence. But to single out a sex should bot be a case. 
    I am more then happy to support this cause, but people need to realise this is a game! Most people come to a game to enjoy killing zombies in their spare time and enjoy them self. Never would see this growing up whilst playing video games.  
    This girl power event has more legs then Any military recognition for the people who have lost their lives fighting for their countries. How about we hold an event for Veterans????!?
    an event everyone can get behind and play & support. 

  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,621
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    @brucewayne007 well I'm a veteran so I'll take an event on that. Salute. 

    I'm also a giant by most people standards so never been violenced by anyone. Tho my exwife did flick me in the head once when I was being a smart ass... Does that count?

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  • merzeemerzee Member Posts: 18
    brucewayne007 said:
    Men like you are the reason I became lesbian. :D
    So you are saying your sexual orientation *is* a choice. Interesting, that would lead to and support the argument that conversion therapy is valid. 
  • yadav2brandyadav2brand Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2021
    I would like to make it clear to everyone... once and for all... that I am a man. There seemed some confusion about this in the messages. I just wanted to point that out. vidmate instasave
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