Morning star pushback prevents hunter overwatch?

histerijahisterija Member Posts: 18
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I hope I can describe this well enough since I have no screenshots or video.

I had a hunter and a warrior stand side by side in line ready for an overwatch attack and the warrior had the morning star equipped. I wanted to kill a walker that was incoming in a straight line towards the warrior. The hunter was right next to the warrior, meaning one space diagonally to the walker after it approached the warrior and the hunter (the hunter was not behind the warrior nor two spaces diagonally from the walker, so when the walker came up to the front of the warrior, the three formed an L).
I repeat that both the warrior and the hunter were in overwatch mode.
When the walker approached, it was struck and pushed back by the warrior, not killed, and not stunned because it had nothing to collide with. However, the hunter's overwatch attack was not triggered, although the walker was within reach even after being pushed away.
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