balancing rival guilds

I believe that a balance should be made and reviewed the way opponents are chosen in the guild wars, currently it seems that the method of searching for an opponent is based on the league and guild score, which is not necessary or fair since a guild does not decrease the score  the other.  it would be fair to base the opponent's search on the average level of the board of all participants, as my guild has varying levels of players ranging from 60 to 75, while the leagues are low, we take balanced guilds and we get a high score which is  even higher due to the victory bonus, which puts us in the silver league in just 2 days, thereafter the mixed guilds are left behind and we begin to face only the top guild of their respective regions that has its entire team at level 75, leaving  thus unfair competition, since we stand out against teams of our level and are penalized having to face with players fully full

the correct thing would be to base the opponent's search entirely on the level of the player's advice, and if it is not possible to search individually for each participant, then the media calculation should be done, to make disputes fair


  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 678
    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't  GW already adjust the mission's difficulty level based on your survivor levels? So there really isn't an advantage if you are maxed level. Well they may have better badges and pink heroes, but even that's not a given. For example, it's possible the lower leveled player spends more money, or spends more time scavenging. So even if there is a problem with matchmaking, I don't think this solution necessarily solves the problem.
  • MichelWarsMichelWars Member Posts: 11
    @ShadowWalkerI am not referring to the difficulty of the missions, but the difficulty of a mixed guild with low level players being impossible to defeat a guild with full players, since the low level player does not count on doing missions from 15 to 20 levels above , in the same way that full 75 players can.
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 611
    It's the same thing @MichelWars that you and @ShadowWalker are talking about. There is no difference between the two guilds as difficulty is scaled to one surviors.

    You lost / won because of tactical play/badges/tools/gear/re-rolled heroes etc. In your case, the low level player can't clear +15-20 levels mainly due to the above reasons. In the first week, you may face super elite guilds as everyone starts off from zero and that's the currently the best way (fairest) in the system. 
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,683
    So matchmaking is apparently only based on the current seasons guild war score. So if you are scoring enough to get up to silver two the. You should be able to score enough to beat others who are in silver two (or possibly even top of the tier below or bottom of tier above depending on what score you are on). 
    If you lose a few this week you’ll have a lower score and face others who have lost a few. Basically it works itself out in the end. 
  • MichelWarsMichelWars Member Posts: 11
    I understand your opinion and believe that everyone who disagrees is at the maximum level with 19 companions also at the maximum level. 

    What I really find difficult is for low level players to be able to close these islands down, regardless of their equipment, badges, and tactics.

    5e 6e e 5g are still accessible, but the others are not so much
  • VovVov Member Posts: 50
    edited January 12
    I used to have the same thought as you do right now @MichelWars, but then I found out that player level 75 does not equal ability to conquer those sectors you mentioned (5G, 6G, 5H, 6H). What really plays the main role here is the quality of your heroes (usually defined by pinks), your weapons and armors, and how plenty of your toolbag considering you have more than enough of experiences about tactics, movements. 

    You can't expect new/mid players to handle those maps. I do not know what is your average in Challenge, but I usually score above 2k weekly and best I can do is +10. This is not an precise comparison but it relatively close. 

  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 77
    The team I am on is multilevel too !our lower level players take care of the enemies for 360 pts so higher levels can clear more missions lower levels can’t ! Sometimes enemies hard for them & can be some healing time. Yesterday a couple had to use red gas . We also try to leave some higher kill all’s for them as well tend to be easier even in high levels . But as time goes on they are getting stronger and/or more confident! W/o risk there is no reward, but for guild wars you are still rewarded even with loss not bad either!
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 408
    There are many ways to play with gw. So many many ways. Are you min-maxing your teams potential? Sounds like no. 

    We all have access to the same amount of everything. Why then do some groups regularly have winning ratios and other groups regularly have losing ones? In my guild, we outscore in gw other groups that regularly out score us in challenge stars each week. We're sure not pouring $$$ into tools and gold for heals and all the sexy badges. Nope!
  • wmswms Member Posts: 47
    I just know that it is extremely discouraging to play team after team and have their lowest scoring survivor beat your highest scoring survivor.  This is with assuring that all blocks started are completed when possible; and with teamwork between the lower level players going against freeman and the highest level and capable players tackling the highest scoring parts of the map that they can.  We are happy for everyone to get at least 300 or more and have a few close or right at 400.  Teams coming in the scoring between 500 and 600......  I know it's just a game but after three days of this, I'm not looking forward to playing on the team tomorrow.  I'm practicing on trying to go over 7 levels and may eventually get there or so I tell myself.  

    Also Pink stars are being mentioned here.  I think i read that the pink stars don't work in GWs?  
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 627
    Pink stars certainly "work" in all game modes. They just don't count them as levels.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,388
    edited January 16
    @MichelWars I have players in my guild family that are level 60s and can clear sector 5H and 6F, and higher

    I also have players that are level 75 and can't clear 1D

    Care to explain? (pssst I know the answer )

    And if war difficulty was scaled even more in favor of the lower level player, then what motivation would anyone have to level up?
    (referring specifically to GWs game mode)

    You have a narrow view of the mechanics behind this game mode, this is not meant as insult, only observation.

    Many folks above have deep knowledge of the game and its mechanics, I suggest you don't blow off their comments so easily, or mine. 

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