3.14 Mortal Blossom Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Mortal Blossom" Update Notes

Sneak Peak Video:


6 episodes based on the upcoming Season 10C of the show. Each episode will come out every Monday starting 1st of March.

Complete each episode within a week of release to obtain extra rewards.


New Hero: Princess

A new Assault hero who will elevate the might of the ranged classes. She wreaks havoc on enemies that are weakened or distracted. 

Her Leader Trait:

  Royal Rampage:

Princess's attacks against enemies inflicted by status effects (For example Stun or Burn) deal +{0}% total damage and have {1}% chance to give an extra Charge Point. As a leader, each member of your team gains this trait.
Trait Values:

• Status effects include: Stunned, Rooted, Burning, Herded, Eating (body/flare), and Crippled (See New Statust Effect section)
• Royal Rampage is affected by Lucky
• Other Hero traits of Princess are: Marksman, Iron Skin, Retaliate, Dodge
• Princess' Black Market will unlock once the seasonal campaign finishes

Hero Change: Abraham

Bitch Nuts trait values has been increased.


Class Buff

The shooter class is getting buffs to their movement range and attack damage. The end result is that their regular damage will be nearly as high as that of the scouts, while movement range and charge attack damage will be the same.
• Movement range increased from 6 to 8 spaces to be the same as scouts
• Weapon Damage of shooters is increased to the same level as scout weapons
• Charge attack damage multiplier increased to rival brainstab
Note: Scout class base damage is still slightly higher than that of shooters, so scouts will still have a bit higher damage overall

Old Movement:

New Movement:


 CRIPPLING (Shooter Weapon Trait)

Attacks that are Body Shots have a {0}% chance to Cripple the target. Cripple limits enemy's movement to 1 space per turn.

Trait Values

• Bronze: 25%
• Silver: 50%
• Gold: 75%
Note: Crippling is affected by Lucky

 CRIPPLED (New Status Effect)

Attacks that are Body Shots have a {0}% chance to Cripple the target. Cripple limits enemy's movement to 1 space per turn.

Trait Values

• Bronze: 25%
• Silver: 50%
• Gold: 75%


New Weapon: Assassin Bow (Shooter)
Special Functionality: 
This weapon does not generate walker threat. Deals additional damage.

Charge Attack: 

Bonus attack which inflicts guaranteed critical hit and does not attract walkers.


The seasonal campaign for the Spring season is the Mortal Blossom Campaign. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on Feb 22nd and ends March 15th at 1PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Assassin Bow (Shooter Weapon) and 500 Princess Tokens.

Token Collection table:


Soft Tier Reset

Every season guilds will be brought down to a lower tier, based on their previous ranking, instead of everyone being reset to Bronze I. This will reduce the number of skill mismatches early on in the season, and allow guilds to reach their true rank sooner.

  • The reset brings your guild down to 25% of the VP at the end of the season

  • The amount of VP at the beginning of the season cannot exceed 30 000 VP

We're currently testing certain changes to the Guild Wars map. The first half of this season (2 wars) will have the same map, and changes will be introduced after the mid-season break. A separate announcement outlining these changes will be released later this week.


Nightmare challenge (Round 61 onwards) will now have an incremental difficulty increases with each round and will end at Round 80, as illustrated in the tables below.

Rewards in the Nightmare Challenge have been improved for Personal and Guild star counts, as well as Round Completion rewards
Missions with a threat counter:

• "Counter -1" means that the number of turns until the wave spawns is reduced by 1
•Threat Counter is displayed as a range (e.g. 3-4), meaning that when first entering the mission you will see the lower number on the threat counter. After the first wave spawns, the countdown to the following wave will be the higher number.
• "Threat +1" means that the number of walkers in the next wave is increased by 1
• "Spawn Total" column is the total number of walkers that will spawn on every wave of that mission.
• All the Special Walkers in the "Threat Spawn" column only apply to the first wave in the mission. Following waves will only consist of normal walkers

Kill All Walkers Missions:


Bug fix where traits of weapons bought for Supplies in the Black Market were not randomized
Bug fix where the values of badges boosted by having a full set would display incorrectly
Added a confirmation popup for Black Market purchases

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